A Step in the Right Direction

I saw this Twitter post today

There are so many people out there who get addicted to viewing CSAM and there are numerous ways one can become addicted to it too.

It could be a coping mechanism for someone who has been/being abused, it could be due to your sexual preference combined with a lack of legal sexual outlets, you can even become addicted to looking for CSAM images of yourself to make sure they’re not spread online.

This post is just my personal opinion but I think its good to see that alternative & modern solutions (albeit controversial) are starting to be put forward and it just goes to show that Prostasia is ahead of its time, especially with articles like these :smiley:


Just popping in to say that there is never an excuse for the viewing/consumption of CP/CSAM. Whether or not someone is viewing such materials to cope with abuse or not is irrelevant to that fact, and myself and @prostasia STRONGLY support prohibitions of it in all forms, including mere possession. The commoditization of a real child being sexually exploited or abused is never something society ought to allow.

The “noncarceral approach” to dealing with CSAM is one of rehabilitation, not one of tolerance or approval, and those who exhibit recidivist or high risk characteristics are stark reminders for why such heavy penalties should remain.

Simulated/virtual pornography, where no real minors were involved in any way, should be the right option with regard to outlets, as well as child-like sex dolls.

Cartoons, drawings, distinguishable CG renderings, and VR solutions are valid and safe outlets for MAPs to explore and express themselves without any harm.
This is because from the very beginning of their respective production processes, to the very end, no real child was ever involved, even with respect to cartoons/drawings (lolicon/shotacon). This aspecr of each respective production pipeline is precisely why they are not able to be considered “child sex abuse materials”.