About catholic priests

I was thinking about a few things lately. And, it’s very strange that a group of people who should be an example of morality turned out to be exactly the ones who became best known for doing something as immoral as raping children, don’t you think? And I don’t think I need to prove here that we have an unusual proportion of priests who end up doing things like that. So it can’t just be a “coincidence”. The truth is that the very fact that they are priests or something related to that turns out to be the factor that makes many of these people molesters. And I think I found the answer :3, in fact, the reason is pretty obvious. It’s the celibate! The fact that they “voluntarily” accept a life without any kind of sex, not even masturbation. Come to think of it, I don’t know how people could not have predicted that this kind of repression would make them something of a time bomb in terms of sexual predators.


Well, actually, I’m aware that some people are already discussing this, but only now, after the damage is done. Well, maybe even you guys have already talked about this before. I don’t know, I didn’t read EVERYTHING ever said here before. And anyway, I think that makes this just another example of things I thought I “discovered” only to hear right after someone else had already thought before me ^^" But whatever…

In any case, this is something I never hear people talking on the context of sex positivity, and how powerful it that can be. Like, not even the most “pure” person is free from the negative effect of sexual deprivation.

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I believe that most cases within the church are all of oppurtunistic nature mainly for the reason that priests are not allowed to have sex, deviant thoughts or masturbate. They then unload all their surppressed desires on the least resistant who are also less likely to tell anyone.

Edit: i just saw that you also came to the same conclusion. I love to answer too quickly


The answer i think is more simple than that. It’s because if you are sexually attracted to children one of the easiest places to gain access to children is through a church. Boyscouts and public schools have similar issues and there is no vow of celibacy to become a school teacher or scout.

Another problem with your theory is it lacks logic and rationale. If you are going to break vows of celibacy why not do it with an adult? If you get caught you’ll lose your church position but you won’t go to prison. It is voluntary after all.

Finally the reason the catholic church gained so much publicity for sexual abuse is because they were protecting the abusers, not so much because catholic priest are more likely to molest children.

I mean you theory isn’t probably completely wrong. It may play a factor in some instances im sure.

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By the way I’m not insinuating that people with a sexual attraction to children are going to molest children. I’m a MAP myself. But when you lack social support and told you are a monster by society some people are driven to not care.

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I don’t think that makes much sense because a catholic priest usually starts the process of becoming a priest when he is a child himself. And why not adults? Well, as Cringe says children are way easier. I mean, is not likely that an adult will ever come to a priest looking for sex, so if they going to “seduce” anyone, children will be the easiest target. And another problem with your theory of people becoming priests FOR molesting children is… How exactly did they know they would be “protected” inside the church? Not soo long ago it wasn’t common knowledge that many priests do that kind of stuff. The news was a shock because it took everyone by surprise. As for the fact of the protection itself they give to each other. Well, I really don’t think that is hard to believe or explain. Like, I grew in a catholic culture and is very common for people here to protect their family and close friends, even if they do terrible stuff. And I believe that for a priest, the other priests are like family.

Children are easier? Children are only easier if you are trying to force someone into sex since they are physically weaker. But as far as seducing goes it is much easier to seduce an adult into sex since they have a higher libido. Hell they could even hire a sex worker which is WAY easier than trying to convince a child to keep a secret. Children are pretty bad at keeping secrets. A sex worker would most likely not say anything because they wouldn’t want to destroy their reputation with clients who expect privacy.

Also most people discover their minor attraction when they are children themselves. I discovered I liked girls a lot younger when I was 14.

Sexual repression can obviously cause a lot of psychological problems but is it the cause of child molestation inside the church? I have my doubts.

I think most of those priests fool them with something like “it’s god’s will” and that kind of stuff surely would be easier with children. Also, I find hard to believe that a teenager would plan that far ahead. Like, “I going to become a priest, so, when I turn into an adult I can fool children to have sex with me” :confused: That really doesn’t sound plausible dude. But anyway, I think we’ll have to agree on disagree on this one.