Ace Maps (AceSexuals)

I’m not great with computers so pardon me if the formating for this post is a little off. I think ever since I was a teen I never really felt sexual attraction. I’m not an incel or religious I guess I’m just “AceSexual” as the kids call it (I teach in a middle school and sponsor the GSA). All that being said, Im still very romantically dependent. And the only people to show me that affection have been children so I guess I’m a “MAP” too. I like to hold hands and go on walks with them during club hours (with their consent of course) I’m 33; no wife. No kids unless you count the ones I teach (I do). Im not sure if anyone else is suffering the specifics of my situation but I heard this was a support group and I want to know how others feel about the topic.

This is not quite a support group per-se but I’m sure you will find no shortage of people eager to offer their input regardless : )

Just my two cents, but I would suggest you re-evaluate the hand-holding at least.

When I was their age, I didn’t even want to hold hands with my parents, and most of my peers were the same.

I very much doubt the kids you’re working with are especially enthusiastic about holding hands with their 33 year old teacher of all people.

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Maybe but they are all 13/14 and very mature for their age at that. They often come to me. I think they find comfort in it. I can always ask them wasn’t really something Im worried about but you make a good point.

Handholding is HIGHLY inappropriate, especially among educators and students.
I recommend ceasing any and all interactions of that kind with the minors under your care, if not outright acquiring a new profession where access to minors is not within your grasp.

Moreover, this isn’t really a “support group”, more of a forum for discussion relevant to @prostasia, its interests and its functions.
If you want some sort of “support” channel, I recommend consulting the sources listed here.

I’m closing and locking this thread.

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