Age gap relationships through the looking glass

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When I was in my teens, I found myself attracted to people who were 25 or, preferably, older. As I aged, the range extended up a little and, since I have been dating as an adult, somewhere around 45 is the age at which I become interested in a man. It has been this way…

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Of course, it’s been extremely well documented that heterosexual men (on average) find women who look like they are in their early 20s to be most attractive. That does not mean “apparent age” or age is the most important factor in every case. personality is also very important, but an average man would find a 45 year old who looked 21 more attractive than a 45 year old who looked 45.

There is nothing “deviant” about this. But the anti adult-age gap morons want to extend the definition of pedophilia to encompass literal 20 year olds. Most of these morons have no concept of human biology and assume almost everyone’s EAOA (exclusive ages of attraction) goes up as they get older. To some degree this is true, almost every 8 year olds who are attracted to their classmates would not be attracted to 8 year olds when they are 16 for example. But the fact remains that almost no man stops being attracted to young adults just because they get older. At 12, a boy could find 18 year olds hot, at 21, they likely would still think 18 year olds are hot, and at 45, this likely wouldn’t have changed even if they’ve become much more open to dating middle aged women. Most older men choose not to pursue not because they don’t find 20 year olds attractive, but rather, it’s because they either were already happily married or simply want someone in the same life stage as they are.

What does age gap in adults have any bloody damn thing to do with child protection? Nothing.

I presume it is to distinguish age gap relationships as a separate concept from relationships with children.