Age Verification Laws

So we have a few states that have passed laws requiring porn websites to be babysitters and invade users privacy to theoretically ensure that minors are not looking at pornography. Despite the blatant unconstitutionality of these laws, some sites such as PornHub are blocking access to their sites for states such as Utah that have provided no means of a secure way to verify users age.
Unless PornHub has servers based in Utah, why would they have any legal liability to comply with the demands of these nutcases? It sounds to me like they are only giving validity to such legislation by capitulating to these demands. Let them bring their phony lawsuits and take them all the way to the Supreme Court. If a major porn site isn’t going to do it, then who will?
Would this not be a violation of Section 230 as well?
I’m not a lawyer so I don’t know if I am missing something. I don’t give Facebook or Twitter my real life information and I certainly wouldn’t trust porn sites with it, just because parents don’t monitor or put filters on their kids devices.


In order for me to consider adult pornography to be a danger to society, I would need to see some real evidence that doesn’t come from a religious institution or far right organization. All the data I have seen shows a steep reduction of sexual offenses since the internet became a popular medium in the mid to late nineties. Access to pornography expanded with people exploring every kind of kink imaginable. The same effect of abuse reduction was also seen in countries where bans on pornography were removed.
I don’t advocate it being shown or targeted towards minors, but when there is a will, there is a way. Back in the years before internet, porn primarily existed in the form of magazines and VHS tapes. They may have been a little more difficult for minors to get access to, but that didn’t stop millions of teens from doing so, including myself. If pornography is the demoralizing boogeyman that some suggest, over half the country should be rape driven lunatics by now. I’m just getting really tired of every personal freedom being stripped away all under the guise of “protecting children”.


The only danger is when children get access to pornography and nobody told them that it isn’t a depiction of reality. Then they could get a wrong understanding of sexuality.

If we talk about it with children they can deal with it fine. Children don’t get damaged by knowing what sex is or seeing other people do it.

These laws are completely unnecessary and don’t stop children from viewing pornography.
Sex education should be supported instead.


Unbeknownst to most parents, many kids by the age of 12 or 13 have:

  1. (years ago) Masturbated to the lingerie catalog.

  2. Seen porn, whether magazines or online.

  3. Had sex with one or both sexes.

  4. Smoked cigarettes and/or weed.

  5. Gotten drunk.

and many other questionable things where they make bad choices. Most parents don’t wanna talk about any of those things. They just ignore it most of the time. Until the kid gets hurt or in trouble and it costs them money.

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Do you have a source for this? While I think it’s possible you’re right, “many” is a strong (or broad, depending on how you interpret it) claim, especially for those actions

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I cannot speak for the world, but according to german studies the average age for someone to first consume porn is 14 years old. Of those 14 year olds who saw “hardcore internet pornography” their age when they first came into contact with porn in general was at 12,7 years.

50% of them state that they did not want to see porn, but came across it by chance.

*Source: Pressemitteilung der Universitäten Münster und Hohenheim, 25.10.2017


Seems like a rhetorical question to me. I almost find it offensive.
I was 12 once and had friends who were 12 too at the time.
Having been to many AA meetings, I’ve also heard first hand testimony of stuff.

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You can be offended, but it doesn’t change the fact that your friend group and AA meetings are a very biased sample. I believe that what you said is true in your experience, but I don’t think you’re providing enough to justify making broader claims. Like it or not, in a field that’s plagued with misinformation, evidence is vital.

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Kids don’t tell their parents anything they think would get them in trouble.
I just can’t believe you argue “biased” about things that are fairly common knowledge Imo. You can’t be so naive? Do you pick your nose when you’re alone?

I’m not trying to be a smart a$$, but c’mon. Most tweens are not little angels that never do anything questionable. They can be curious and want to explore things on their own. They make bad decisions. And they’re not gonna tell their parents unless they get in real trouble.

Experience comes from bad decisions. Bad decisions come from lack of experience.