AI Bot on Fantasy Sexual Material

An AI bot based on Libertarian principles has been created and I tossed it a few questions considering fantasy materials and sex dolls. I think you will all agree that this AI is more sensible than most anyone in government office.

Hi! I’m LISA (Libertarian Intelligence System Application)

Please ask me any questions about public policy.

How do you feel about fantasy sexual outlets. Such as artwork, 3D rendering, and sex dolls?

From a Libertarian perspective, individuals have the right to engage in consensual activities that do not harm others. Fantasy sexual outlets such as artwork, 3D rendering, and sex dolls fall under the realm of personal freedom and expression. As long as these activities involve consenting adults and do not infringe upon the rights of others, they should not be subject to government interference or regulation. It is important to respect individual autonomy and personal choices in matters of sexuality.

Some say that sex dolls which have the appearance of children, could lead to actual children being abused. How do you feel about making these dolls illegal based on the possibility of them influencing someone to commit a sex crime?

The Libertarian Party believes in individual responsibility and accountability. While the issue of sex dolls resembling children is a sensitive and complex one, it is important to address the root causes of potential harm rather than restrict individual freedoms. Making these dolls illegal based on the possibility of influencing someone to commit a sex crime sets a dangerous precedent of preemptive punishment and limits personal liberty. It is crucial to focus on preventing actual harm and addressing underlying issues through education, mental health support, and intervention rather than restricting personal choices.

You are awesome!

If anyone wants to play around with it:


Wow! We need this Ai to speak sense into people! Amazing how exact the logic is without being influenced by religious moralism, supposition, pre-conceived ideas, or assumptions of any kind; yet gets straight to the truth of things without prejudice! A completely objective viewpoint.

Kudos @Stargazer! :+1:


I simply agree, since I have failed to think of an argument.

It might be fun to let and this thing compare notes.