AI Face Generators

I doubt anything trained on real people would be ethical or moral to use in a pornographic work, but this is an interesting looking technology, but it’s found uses beyond that and people have even trained it on entirely fictional works.
This goes into more detail about the anime face generator.

This is an interesting topic to be had. I’ve been thinking about scenarios involving ethical/non ethical use of AI generated likenesses.

I think with respect to real people, that would depend very much on the licensing to the people of the referenced photographs. I believe there is a significantly different ethical difference between an AI that just randomly “merges” photos from a google search, and a dedicated team that gets permission for 18+ models for their ai to generate unique “personas” off their likenesses for commercial use.

If the references for the AI generator are not just randomly taken from google, but are from people who the team got permission to use for commercial use and to generate likenesses off of, than use of such images whether for pornography, Advertisement for a product, movie character, or other commercial uses shouldn’t be an issue (even if it maybe of poor taste).

HOWEVER: If it involves “Mergings/generating” based on models under 18s, than it must not be used for pornography, and I’d argue, should also not be used for extreme non-pornographic images as well, example: gore. I do not think anything involving gore or porn should ever involve image merging/generating based on likenesses derived from minors, irrespective as to whether the minor gave “permission” or not.

One does wonder how fictional works would work.
I think the issue of fair use comes into play. If anime generators just randomly takes images from google of random waifu and anime pictures, and creates something that is very different from the source material, would that count as fair use? If a human did such a thing, it would most certainly would! Indeed this is how many artists learn to draw. We frequently would reference copyrighted works, we draw inspiration from them, reference aspects of them, but we do not copy them, we do not trace over them. The end product would generally be something that is significantly different, and such use of use of copyrighted works would be considered… fair use!

So would AI tools be on a different standard? I did ask a team this question regarding AI generated art that references off copyrighted works, they basically told me that it’s a legal grey area at the present moment… At least until some court rules on such a case if it would ever go to court.

It’s ok to use in pornographic or commercial work as long as you get… consent. And no minors were used to train it. Seriously, I’m not kidding, I’m more than happy to let others use my likeness to train an AI to generate a fake human for porn or commercial use as long as I get a modest amount of compensation. If we rightfully expect social media to compensate us financially directly or indirectly in some way for the use of our browsing data (which is a part of who we are), same logic holds true to AI trained off the likeness of our bodies.