And what haapens to kids who do read it?

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Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice conducted an interview with Reid last Friday, where she was asked by the host why she wanted to see books such as “All Boys Aren’t Blue” removed from public school libraries.

Justice essentially stated the material should be yanked from school library shelves due to containing rape, pedophilia, sex toys, and incest. Why is any of this featured in a book designed for minors? What reasoning could their possibly be for children to learn about sex toys? This is clearly grooming behavior.

No books are being banned,” the Moms for Liberty co-founder interjected. “I want to be clear, no one is banning books. Write the book, publish the book, put it in a public library. We’re talking about a public school library."

Yes, a public school is supposed to be for a whole community. They should not be catering to a specific group of individuals who want to normalize the sexualization of minors. I mean, this is not rocket science, nor should it be a moral conundrum. This is not appropriate material for kids to be exposed to, thus it does not belong in a school library. The end.

“Children don’t have unfettered access to the internet at school,” she added. “I did a records request and I wanted to see what kind of internet sites are banned in schools. If we’re going to talk about banning, and the subject matter in the books that moms are concerned about, they’re the same things that kids don’t have access to on the internet. So it just feels very hypocritical, right? Why is no one out there protesting for, you know, ‘Free the internet in schools!’?”

Rather than answer the question, Reid pivoted to talking about how conservatives are trying to ban not just these sexually explicit books, but beloved classics as well. Some of the titles she rattled off include “The Diary of Anne Frank,” “Slaughterhouse Five” by Kurt Vonnegut, Judy Blume novels, and books concerning the Civil Rights movement.

It’s pretty clear Reid recognized she was faltering, as she tried to change the subject and try a different angle to make it look like conservatives are fascists trying to censor progressives.

So you didnt deny it. Also how would reading the book hurt kids?

Didn’t one of their hypocrites-- I mean, leaders do some kind of lesbian porn recently despite being against LGBT?

This is a flat-out lie. Public libraries that are not part of any schools ARE being targeted by right-wing groups, such as ‘Moms for Liberty’ and so on. While it may be true that the majority of these pushes are limited to school libraries, saying that’s the case full-stop simply isn’t true.

"There does seem to be a small but loud movement afoot in Louisiana to use our libraries as proxies for broader ‘culture wars,’ ” said Katie Schwartzmann, Tulane Law School professor and director of its First Amendment Clinic. "Because we have political disagreement on issues like racial equity and LGBTQ+ equality, certain groups are trying to ban or remove books on those issues.”
Several state lawmakers have said they are filing bills in the 2023 regular legislative session on library access, which means it could become a hot-button topic during the two-month gathering that begins April 10.

The issue here is that the matter of ‘sexually explicit material’ is actually quite broad, and does encompass a pretty large sweep of many literary classics, in addition to various other areas which young teens should have a right to access.
And as observed, their definition is extremely broad, where any depiction of homosexual romance that isn’t critical or derogatory is automatically deemed explicit, while heterosexual depictions would face very little, if any scrutiny.

Face it. They’re trying to censor this.

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True they are lumping in “All Boys are Blue” with all those other stories…and not showing that “Children” are reading them…I think.