Another illogical application of child protection laws

Today I learned teens can be prosecuted for having their own nudes on their own phone.

I genuinely cannot think of a single line of reasoning that would lead these prosecutors to believe they were protecting anyone in this situation


You know, I was hoping to never see something like this make the news.

The NCMEC now runs ‘Take It Down’, an initiative that allows people to submit sensitive media that they took when they were minors so that way it can be hashed and submitted to websites to be identified and taken down, and this type of thing will definitely deter a minor’s ability to tell authorities that they were victimized.

These law enforcement personnel who took steps to charge a teen over this have no idea how detrimental this abuse of discretion, this misplaced action, can ultimately be.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the hashing for that takes place on the submitter’s device, so NCMEC never receives the original photo. Though I suppose it could still be a risk to the child if they collect an IP address or other identifying information.


They were protecting themselves, by keeping their stats high, as a matter of job security.

Other than that, I can’t think of anything either.


Well that’s a given. Prosecutorial overreach when applying child protection laws is nothing new
Not to mention this insanity


This is nothing new. Here is a story that is almost 20 years old: