Anti Almost Gets Artist Killed

This was a pretty hearbreatking thing to read, but I didn’t see people talking about it so decided to spread the word here. If linking these accounts violates some kind of rule, feel free to disable the links and remove the names.

So, a fan artist with the Twitter handle Brownteen32 drew artwork that people found distasteful. You can’t find any of their artwork online to my knowledge though, and I’m not sure exactly what was drawn, but context implies it was about fictional minors.

Antis love to “expose” such artists… This led to one such individual to find Brownteen32’s address and threatened to dox Brownteen32… Which they later did, despite Brownteen32 begging them not to do so (along with calling Brownteen32 a “pedophile”). As it turns out, Brownteen32 lives in a country where dishonoring one’s family can be met with death. This led to Brownteen32 having to leave their home, because they were rightfully afraid they may be beaten to death over their drawings. It was noted in this Tweet that the police were unsympathetic and didn’t care to help Brownteen32.

One of the antis, who was also “exposing” problematic artists, said they don’t condone doxxing… The Tweets responding to this outright said, “You support the types of actions that led to this.”

The good news is that Brownteen32 appears to be in a safe place at the moment. They did, however, delete all their art because of what happened.

I’m happy Brownteen32 is safe, but this never should have happened to begin with. This was not about saving any kids, this person was simply looking for a “suitable” target for their malice and made it VERY CLEAR they were apathetic to, or possibly looking forward to, Brownteen32 being murdered by their doxxing for being a “pedophile” who draws such art.


Brownteen32 is a member of the Amphibia fandom, no doubt a casualty of the recent Twitter hysteria surrounding the Amphibia crew themselves drawing NSFW (I made a thread about this myself):

So now people’s actual lives (not just livelihoods) are at risk over this nonsense. Fucking Hell… I love this show, but fuck the fandom right now…


If your morality demands that you ruin the life of someone over matters of preference, then you’re not moral.
This type of extremism breeds atrocious and disgusting acts that can only be justified in the mind of those who commit them.

These people think that they’re doing a public good by targeting and inflicting harm to artists, because they view the art as harmful, when it’s objectively not. They cling to fallacies that validate their prejudices, and use community as both a means of socialized affirmation and as a defense mechanism. Blatant cult-like, group-think mentality.

My heart goes out to the victim of this, and I wish them the best.


I mean if you follow their logic then the director and the actors of SAW are all psychopaths. Surely only people who are insane in the membrane can come up with such a movie idea and be sick enough to produce it.

Society was a mistake.


They probably idolize the directors and actors of SAW if anything. It probably gives them “good ideas.”


We’ve posted about the situation. Thank you for bringing this to our attention