Anti map dipshit exposed as grifter

Semi famous twitter user and “anti human trafficking advocate” Eliza Blue has recently been exposed as a fraud who faked being sex traffciked for the sake of attention. Her history of attention seeking behavior goes far back and has included many schemes. These include dating famous celebrities and being featured in rap videos.

The full story is quite long so i’ll link a podcast episode from our most trusted news source “blocked and reported”

(1 to 4 actually mentions us but after that skip to 39:20 for the Eliza story)

One important part of the story is that multiple large twitter accounts were suspended after criticizing
Eliza. Eliza has direct communication with Elon musk and twitter safety so it’s most likely that she got them banned. So much for “Elon muh free speech musk”

And as was stated in the title she has a history of strawmaning and shitting on maps.

She has also advocated for children to be able to have sex with adults, which is quite strange for an anti trafficking advocate.




I’ve always heard this name appear, but I can’t really recall ever looking into her ideals or engaging, outside of maybe replying/QRTing some of her posts, basically disagreeing with her or correcting misinformation about some things. There are so many pundits out there now that I don’t even bother with trying to discern where they stand ideologically anymore. So many ‘centrists-rights’ nowadays who link arms with openly right-wing idealists that it’s genuinely difficult to surmise who, and what, people believe.


“So many ‘centrists-rights’ nowadays who link arms with openly right-wing idealists that it’s genuinely difficult to surmise who, and what, people believe.”

She actually identifies as an anarcho capitalist libertarian. Which makes it no surprise she wants to end the age of consent. But because she is also a right winger she has to call everyone else a pedophile / groomer / abuser. Its just the party line.


I love this podcast, I’ve been listening to it a lot these last few days, I started to follow them since the excellent episode they did about the accusations against Prostasia and Noah Berlatrisky (sorry if I misspelled, English is not my first language).


I haven’t listened to their episode on Prostasia, but I was disappointed in their inability to use accurate terminology related to abuse in their most recent (to my knowledge) episode. People who have done their due diligence on the positions held by Prostasia or any other child protection group should know the harm of contributing to misinformation.

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