Anti-Pedo Hysteria could be a form of MPI (mass psychogenic illness)?

We already know that moral panics exist. We’ve seen them crop up and cause untold amounts of damage to our free society, from the Salem Witch Trials, to the days of religious persecution (which the SWT were a part of).
It is my belief that other forms of prejudice, such as racism, may also be incorporated into the moral panic paradigm.

What keeps me from falling into the moral panic ‘meme’ is the fact that moral panics have never once produced anything productive or beneficial, and usually cause untold amounts of harm and suffering to innocent people. It’s superficiality at its finest.

I don’t necessarily believe that parents and society is entirely wrong in their fear of, or overall distrust of pedophilia. It’s only natural for parents, and expected parents, to take the safety of children seriously. But when does this instinct become irrational?
Would the desire to ban/censor fictional pornographic material be considered a form of that irrational behavior, considering that the science doesn’t seem to support a causal link or meaningful correlation between the possession/consumption of such material and acts of CSA?

I’m also posting this to reference Prostasia’s Zotero library! I think this is a great thing to have, as it allows all of the research data to be collected into one convenient place. I also think that the inclusion of journals regarding pornography and the lack of harm, ought to be included as well. But that’s just my feedback.

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Yes, this is true.

The Salem Witch Trials is very good example about moral panic aused not by evident truth, but by superstitious beliefs. Witches… there is no such thing as witches, and there never was. Disabled people, mentally ill people, homosexual people, people with less friends, anti-social people, people with high IQ, sex workers, were all hated or punished by god… and since god is the source of everything, people must do what god do, and therefore people must hate what god hates… and since some religions, if not all, say that disabled people and homosexual people are punished and hated by god, people must hate them, as if they are not people/humans… This is just another examples about how religion hardme the society back then.

Back then, they didn’t know about the existence of the DNA, so they didn’t know that diseases are caused by harmful mutations, viruses, parasites, etc…
Even today, there are still people who believe that diseases are from god… believe me, it’s hard to argue with these people.

You are might right.

In the past, sex between adult people and young people, was accepted, and no one was harmed. But then, someone propagated the idea that young people are pure and divine, and sex is bad and dirty evil thing, so sex between adult people and young people was banned. And because the moral panic increased, the age of consent increased, too.

The term pedophilia was invented in the late 19th century. The mass rise in the age of consent began in the late 19th century.


A lot of more things happened at the same time - the late 19th century - that contributed to further restriction on sexual freedom.

As you can see from the photo, one isolated case was used to influence moral panic, so people can think that the so-called “child prostitution” is something that happens everywhere at any time, and affects everyone.
And suddenly, people under the age of consent, become helpless, immature, unable to thnk and to make decisions, unable to work, unable to care about themselve, unable to choose sexual partner, unable to express opinions, and more… and everyone forgot the fact that before the implementation of puritan science, which is not science at all, people under the age of 18 were allowed to work, to vote, to have opinion, to become kinds, to rule whole empires, to express themselves, to choose what and when to have sexual partner/s, to care about themslves, to care and support their parents if theyr parent are sick, to ride horses, to play with weapons, to decide what to do with their life, and many, many, many more things.

Yes, moral panics never produced anything productive. The reason for that, is because moral panics are based on ignorance and misunderstanding of things. If you movement is based on ignorance, the result of your movement wont be different than the base of your movement (ignorance).

The anti-pedo hysteria is based on the belief that pedophiles are horrible rapists, monsters - old, hairy, repulsive, fat, and “ugly” males who lurk around schools and give candies to children, so children can follow them. Some people even believe that pedophiles are humans that are possessed by emonts sent by satan, because Satan wants to steal the innocence of children. These claims are absurd. Pedophiles are normal human like everyone else, and i can prove that with studies.

The average erson has noidea what pedophilia really is. Most people this that pedophilia is attraction to anyone uder the age of 18, which is not true - pedophilia is attraction to specific age group, prepubescent people.

The word “pedophilia” is overused, which mean that the word doesnt mean anything anymore. The word pedophilia lost its meaning, so uing it is not credible anymore.

The “Stranger Danger” is a debunked myth. No one pressures people to believe other people they don’t know. If you dont want to be a friend with pedophiles, then don’t be friend with pedophiles. If you dont want to interact with pedophiles, then dont interact with pedophiles. But please, dont harm them just because you dont like them. People have to stop trying to smash other people they don’t like.

Just because you dont like certain group of people, it doesnt mean that this group is necessary bad or evil.

Pedophiles would say the same thing. There are pedophile parents, too, and they would take the safety of their children seriously. Just because someone is a pedophile, it doesnt mean that he/she will harm your child. Minor-attracted people are not torbalan (Sack Man).

When you start believing that Hillary Clinton is behind global satanic and cannibalistic human trafficking cult that steals children to suck adrenochrome from their blood.

Yes, this desire is based on myths. There is no study to suggest that fictional porn leads to harm. There is no study to suggest that real porn leads to harm.

Next time, when you hear someone saying that porn leads to harm, ask him this question: If porn leads to increased violence, and the consumption of porn is increasing, why is violence decreasing worldwide? The is the paradox.