Are Drag Quern Story Hours really indoctrination and grooming children?

Massresistance seems to think so.

For example

Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) events for children, put on in public libraries around the country, are heavily promoted by the LGBT movement. Their stated purpose is to give children “unabashedly queer role models.” They target young children with homosexual and transgender propaganda. Drag Queens – homosexual men who dress up as garish impersonations of women – are terribly dysfunctional people on several levels.

First off there are heterosexual drag queens

Second this ignore how drag is meant to be satirical

It assumes that homosexual are pedophiles by default which isn’t true

And that people can be influenced into gender noncomformity which again isn’t true and borders on a belief in magical thinking

I think it’s a grotesque, if not outright defamatory claim to make.

It reminds me of the claims made about homosexuals in the Boy Scouts, where it was assumed that gay scountmasters couldn’t be trusted around young boys due to their sexuality. It was a deliberate conflation of homosexuality with pedophilia, but also an attempt to conflate sexual orientation and sexual action.

While I’ve never had the chance to sit in or view one of those story hours, some relatives of mine have actually sat in on a couple of those story hours, and they described them as very tame, light-hearted, age-appropriate experiences which presented a very valuable message of tolerance, understanding, and empathy. Something we could all learn from, to be honest.


The excerpt is hate-literature-lite in content and wording, though it is rooted in one error of stubborness from power-conservative Christian sects, namely, the persistent insistence that sexual orientation is chosen and influenced. Fundamentalist sects tend to be hung up on this belief, not just as a thing in itself, but also as part of a view that while Jesus may not be able to heal large external injuries, like causing a blown-off leg to re-grow, he must be able to miraculously alter anything internal to the body, whether it be cancer or sexual orientation. Thus the idea that sexual orientation is ingrained can be taken to say “Jesus has no miraculous powers.” As a Christian myself, I find that a regrettable hangup, because what ain’t broke don’t need fixing – there’s nothing wrong in Christianity (The scriptural and psychological errors of gay-negative Islam are fundamentally the same as those... - or life in general with being gay – and even if Jesus is miraculously healing people from time to time, this is not an item in need of such miracles. The fundamentalists themselves need healing so that they can recognize love when they see it, and can abstain from neurotic attachment to sexual uniformity as a symbol of social cooperativeness.

The idea that drag queens are “dysfunctional” is miserable in spirit and plainly wrong. There are people in all social groups who have issues, but drag queens in general are just regular people who love the theatrical expression of feminized camp. They hugely admired powerful and dynamic women as kids, and they’re aware of the inbuilt humour and irony of their attempts to channel their inner Channing, as it were. So the expression comes out as somewhat exaggerated mummery. It doesn’t hurt kids who are not gay to be aware that this wonderful part of the human mosaic exists and is generally friendly. The drag queen I knew best worked by day as a corporate lawyer, and I don’t think he should suffer any more stereotypes for the one vocation as for the other.


It comes across as magical thinking

In and of itself, no, but if there’s any… parts that are explicit, such as certain bulges, then that falls into the regular category of suggestive/sexual content but would often net a T rating, if we’re using game age ratings. Obviously, depending on the parents, such ratings are sometimes ignored, but then that ball (no pun intended) would be in the parents’ court.

First off there are heterosexual drag queens

Does anyone seriously say otherwise?

Second this ignore how drag is meant to be satirical

I have never thought of drag as satirical, but I suppose it could be.

It assumes that homosexual are pedophiles by default

The overwhelming majority of pedophiles are straight.

And that people can be influenced into gender noncomformity

Are gender roles not learned, at least in part?