Are you aware of Prostasia's Survivor Expressions project?

Prostasia’s Survivor Expressions project is my baby. Who am I? I am Prostasia’s program director, this is me:

Survivor Expressions is a platform for CSA survivors to tell their stories in their own way. I am not a CSA survivor but I am a sexual assault survivor and being able to tell my story to supportive people made a huge difference for me. It is because of this that I created this project.

I believe we have a lot to learn from survivors and survivors more than deserve a platform if they want to share their stories and feelings.

If you are a survivor who would like to tell their story, you can submit to me here or use the submission form on the website! The project accepts most forms of artwork, written, drawn, poetry, prose, paintings, etc and so on. Be as creative or straightforward as you feel. You can remain completely anonymous or not, it’s up to you and what is comfortable for you.

Here is the project:

Please take a look and consider passing it along to anyone who might be interested in the project.


I am an aspiring comic writer, white male, age 28. I am REALLY questioning my sexuality, but am leaning towards asexual mostly. I was also professionally diagnosed with autism, too.

I have been mercilessly abused by my father and schooling since elementary. Middle school was where I received the worst of it, and I was forced to go to two different schools during this time. One supposedly specialized in teaching children with various disorders but later had to shut down, and the other that I had to switch to was one Catholic school over another. I feel, too, that a significant part of my childhood was denied from me because my father would spank me whenever I cried. I remember one incident clearly where I started crying at someone else’s house because I wasn’t allowed to spend the night with my older brother and his friend there. My father spanked me so hard that it felt like a punch, and when we got home he told me that from now if I cried no matter what the reason, I was getting spanked.

Ever heard of Guy Hamilton Smith? I think you all followed him. He’s worth speaking to? He was a victim of CSA.

But looking through the site, it seems you already covered him.

I think there certainly are people on this forum who were victims of childhood abuse that may not be of a sexual manner but may still be worth discussing. But since this thread is about CSA, I decide to link to one of the people I follow who might be worth contacting!

Perhaps share this expression project on a wider audience? This forum does not have many people on it.

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Thank you die sharing your story, would you like it posted as part of the project?

Oh gosh, that should be “thank you for sharing…” Sorry, autocorrect fail!