As a MAP in the workforce

I’m a manager and we start hiring at 14. This new girl who is just 15 started working with me a few weeks ago and immediately she starts telling me about how she quit her last job because there were a lot of older men who would sexually harass and touch her without her permission and the management there would do nothing about it. I told her if anyone here tries something like that I’ll get their asses fired and then I’ll get the police on them. Fuck going to hire ups who will just try to excuse it. It’s sickening how often sexual harassment of minors happens all the time in workplaces and it gets tossed under the rug. The metoo shit is real and the right just calls it “man-hating.”

It just pisses me off how someone like Allyn Walker is forced to resign from their position for simply trying to understand MAPS and how to prevent sexual abuse of minors meanwhile men all over America are touching girls asses at work and nothing is done about it.

Oh yeah and if I ever came out as MAP I’d lose my job despite the fact that I’ve worked with minors for over 15 years and never had a single complaint or write-up. It shouldn’t matter if someone is MAP or not, it’s actions that matter.

But society is stupid so what more can I say.


Experienced the same in a senior residency where a 15 year old girl would be hit on by seniors. She was pretty tall and didn’t look her age, so they probably didn’t know, but that’s why making sure is important. Also, nobody should experience harassment no matter their age and gender.

I think it’s mostly the older generation who are more aggressive, so it’s good to see that it’s less common among (sus) younger men/women.

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It’s pretty nauseating when sexual harassment goes unnoticed or is even tolerated. It’s multiplied exponentially when that harassment is dealt to minors.

In my teens, I’ve known a few girls who’ve been harassed when they had part time jobs, but also guys too. A friend of mine, who was an athlete, would face harassment by older women who would utter ‘catcalls’ to him, making him uncomfortable around them.
They were old, so it’s likely that they were excused on that fact.

“Hey babe, up for a drink?” is already sexual harassment in sweden. You also need to sign a contract before having sex.

Stuff like this is what happens when laws are introduced after a scandal, or public outrage. Not much thought behind them just a crowd pleaser.

I genuinely don’t know why criminal law is always the answer.

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I was about to like your response til I read this (being I might describe myself as being in the ‘older generation’ category).

My experience has been more the other way around, but said experience has probably taught me that the work sub-culture environment has a bearing on whether it’s the younger or older guys (or both) who tend to hit on the young women in the workplace. In fact there’s probably many relevant dynamics.

I myself behaved mildly inappropriately when I was younger, perhaps to the extent of a typical “incel” - not that I did anything unforgivable. But I always had the belief that girls should be respected (even after sometimes discovering that some didn’t necessarily deserve it) so that probably helped me to not overstep the legality aspect, even by today’s standards.

I guess if one learns that certain behaviours are rewarded in younger life then your more likely to continue with those behaviours in later life with growing confidence… until someone stops one.