Bittersweet, almost ominous news from Utah

Found this while doing research on whether there exists a correlation between the consumption of simulated and fictional CP as a means to support a compelling argument.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT– The Utah Attorney General’s Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force arrested a man in Vernal, Utah after an investigation revealed more than 23,000 files containing child porn and child anime porn.

31-year-old Andrew Derek Walden is being charged with 10 felony counts of sexual exploitation of a minor. Walden is suspected of downloading and distributing child pornography and sharing files containing child pornography via the Freenet peer-to-peer network. In addition to thousands of child porn files, Walden’s apartment contained numerous posters on the walls and magazines depicting sexually explicit anime images featuring young children.

While technically legal, the anime material concerns the ICAC investigators.

“The content that’s specifically concerning to us is the child pornography anime,” said Alan White, ICAC Commander. “If a person is into child pornographic anime, it’s not a huge step to get into child pornography itself, or for that matter to abuse a child.”

Walden is being held without bail in Uintah County as he is considered to be a substantial danger to the community and is likely to flee if released.

He’s likely screwed because he was found to be in possession of actual CSAM, which is strange coming from the state of Utah.

I must be doing something wrong then… :thinking:

Is he distributing deliberately or as a side-effect of using the Freenet peer-to-peer network?

There was one person who got arrested recently who had virtual child pornography in their possession as they were trying to get off it. It was not due to the slippery slope fallacy. I don’t think it is a good idea to punish someone for trying to do the right thing. This is partially why I hate lolicon / 3dcg being held as Probable Cause for searches or being included in parole restrictions.

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Wait. Just how is this bittersweet? What’s the sweet part?

“While technically legal…”

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