Blackburn & Blumenthal Introduce Terrible, Dangerous Bill To Make Sure Children Are Constantly Surveilled Online

Senator Richard Blumenthal is apparently a bottomless well of terrible internet regulation ideas. His latest is yet another “for the children” bill that will put children in serious jeopardy. This time he’s teamed up with the even worse Senator Marsha Blackburn to introduce the Kids Online Safety Act, which as the name suggests is full of a bunch of overbearing, dangerous nonsense that will not protect children at all, but will make them significantly less safe while giving clueless, authoritarian parents much more power to spy on their kids.

About the only “good” part of the bill is that it doesn’t attack Section 230. But the rest of it is nonsense, and based on a terrible misunderstanding of how, well, anything works. The bill doesn’t just take its name from the UK’s Online Safety Bill, but it also takes a similar “duty of care” concept, which is a nonsense way of saying “if you make a mistake, and let undefined ‘bad stuff’ through, you’ll be in trouble.”