Bringing back ancient sentencing

Historically, at least during the stone age, child sexual abuse was usually punished with rape against the perpetrator. It is indeed exceptionally poetic when the child rapist HIMSELF gets raped as punishment. THIS would be a proper sentence in addition to life without parole.

Do you think there might be some merit to this idea? Perhaps the idea of Larry Nassar having what is done to him what he had done to those women would be justice? One such expert made such a statement in court indeed indeed! We must consider this option as part of the move towards fairer sentencing.

We must also contend with the logic behind coercive human experimentation on such creatures, as they have disregarded the humanity of their victims, only fair we do what was done to him, what he did them them. Perhaps a logical reason could be made that we may experiment with high risk drugs on such creatures.

The proper sentencing for Larry Nassar?
LIFE without PAROLE in solitary confinement.
To be raped 1050 times.
He also possessed (I believe) over 20,000 CP images. Assuming average severity of a fine of $500 per image. And assuming he had at least one SAP scale 5 image. I would suggest a fine of 3080 + 20k * $500 = $10,003,080!

An appropriate sentence I think.

You can’t condemn rape by committing rape in response. That makes you just as bad. It’s also not a serious suggestion as it would be unconstitutional and against international human rights law.


In the “old days”, the age of consent was also much lower. IIRC, Abigail Williams was a prostitute at 12. You can’t bring back 1 “ancient practice” without bringing back all the others.


Funny you say that. I’m pretty sure those who rape children were also violating the dignity and rights of the children they assaulted. Why do the predators get higher priority than their victims?

They don’t. Rape of children is wrong for the same reason that rape of adults is wrong. It’s non-consensual, harmful, and we do not accept it for any reason.

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