Broken therapy?

So many problems go unsolved when you look at people like abstract boogeymen or lab rats making decisions in response for food or running through hamster wheels as the true sentient ones make a decisions in the background as to how to best control their behavior.

Brainwashing, brainwashing, fear of ridiculously over the top penalties, which don’t even really achieve much, only fear that precludes anyone from wanting to engage with the authorities due to fear of punishment for doing anything the society may consider “moral” as it isn’t about “morals” to begin with, but an apparatus for state control.

For instance, brainwashing people doesn’t reduce the chance of anything. It may seem like it might in the short term, but you simply push those thoughts under the surface only for them to explode later as they barrel through completely unexpectant of it. And yet, the quack psychologists do it anyway.

Never-mind that this can lead to split personalities, turn the most joyful people into moody messes and other terrible things. It is just par for the course to prep the revolving door to get them back in prison a few years later and ready for another round of self-loath therapy.

This is perhaps one reason that I so vehemently reject any sort of treatment or even peer group that is predicated entirely on self-loathing, this is simply to enhance one’s own negative proclivities. It is also extremely un-PC to say that a method may be dangerous as saying that it is okay to have a certain innate preference and otherwise, is treated the same as saying, you are right and you should go out and rape all the kids today.

Well, these are just some simple thoughts, take it as rambling if you want.

Thanks, you’re right, and it’s been good to see people sharing here about which peer groups are helpful and supportive, and which ones aren’t. If someone would like to compile a list of recommended ones, we would be happy to host it on our website. As for professional counselors, we currently point people towards B4UAct, and in my local area there is a great network of sex-positive therapists called Bay Area Open Minds.

B4UAct is timing out, perhaps they’re being DDoSed?

Hm… It seems to be loading now with a proxy on-top of TOR.

Basic security advice. Use always use Tor, possibly a VPN, maybe even an OS like Tails to avoid unintended leaks. Tbh even JS might be a bit much. The NSA / FBI largely operates by collecting metadata, this means that if you talk to somone who has committed a crime, then they might go after you.

They might give your computer back, but it might be gone for six months as they run forensics on it. If there is any crime, they might decide to press charges, simply because they’ve taken the time to do the whole process, even if it is what one might consider victimless.

NSA has their database XKeyscore, although I don’t know if they co-operate with the FBI. GCHQ (UK) does co-operate with the police and they have a profile of every user on the internet in a database called Karma Police. If you live in a repressive regime like the U.K. then there may even be a way to mask the usage of Tor, but that is likely overkill, they usually only do that in China.

P.S. Karma Police is such a cool name, even if it a dystopian nightmare and I will have to figure out how to get into that site b4uact to see what they’re about. There were a couple of countries which immediately put you on the register, if they figure out what you are, one is Canada.