Can lolicons like loli without being a pedophile

Not a lolicon, but I’m trying learn more about loli to prove that not all people who consume it are predators. If possible, also show the differences between loli art and cp please. More people need to know about things like to put a end to
misinformation about the topic.

is a very different thing from:

You can disprove the latter without needing to disprove the former.

To answer your question, no I don’t think people who like lolicon are inherently paeodphiles. Paedophilia is attraction to children, that I think implies real ones rather than drawings.


Yes they can. I frequent a sub that has tons of opinions on this lol.

I saw a Reddit post by a self-admitted pedophile who was going to therapy to control themselves. They made it clear “I don’t like lolis” which stuck with me for a bit. They also made it clear they never touched a kid and never wanted to, so they’re not a predator either.

Meanwhile lolicons in that same subreddit reacted with disgust at very realistic CGI depictions of fictional characters because they looked too lifelike.

You can be a pedo and not a lolicon. You can be a lolicon and not a pedo. You can be a lolicon and a pedo. They are not mutually inclusive.

Reasons for why people like lolis but not necessarily the real thing? The cuteness factor, the unrealistic angle and just liking short women are possible explanations, among many.

As an aside, there is evidence that watching actual CP doesn’t make one more likely to victimize children (quite the opposite if you look at the Czech Republic legalizing it decreased abuse, even if I disagree with this morally), so I’m going to take a guess and assume loli content isn’t magically more powerful than the real thing and will make lolicons abuse kids. It seems all watching loli content does is normalize watching more loli content, as opposed to normalizing abuse of real children.


I don’t know much abot this lolicon thing. But I guess that’s totally possible

I thought the same thing.

Well, I am a lolicon and not a pedophile. I don’t like children, also, I’m into hentai for 20 years or so. Anyway, I’m not sure exactly what you want to know. I keep saying to people what I just say above, but it seen they simply don’t believe me. And well, the problem here is, how can I “prove” that I don’t like something? ^^". Well, in your case maybe what I can do is help you understand what is the common “process” behind it.

So, those things start after a person consumes a lot of anime and became addicted to it. And, I guess you know how an addiction works, right? You start to wish for more and more of that, and also start to look for more “hardcore” stuff about it. So, at first, you are Ok with just the cool art design, the story, and the characters of the anime. But after some time that alone won’t be enough. So you start to become more “picky” about things you want in it. Then, you’ll start to look only for animes that have the exact thing you like about it. So, if you got into anime because you think the girls are cute (like me) soon you’ll want to consume more sexualized stuff about it. I mean, with time, just seeing the cute girl is not enough, you’ll want to see them in an erotic scenario too. Anyway, the hentai usually enters in this “phase”. After that you start to consume more and more hentai until again, “normal hentai” is not good enough anymore. So now you start to look for more hardcore, usually for more “weird” hentai, like lolicon.

Anyway, as I said, the things you want about it become more and more specific over time. In my case, I start watching anime because I think the look is cool, and “cute”. Over time, this “cute” thing became more and more specific, until it became a sexual attraction for cute cartoon girls. And ok, maybe now you or someone will say: "If we’ll want more and more, then eventually it can lead us to go after real thing, right? … WRONG! First, because real girls are not what we are addicted to. We are addicted to anime! Real girls are not anime! XD. So, yes, after some time we’ll start looking for other things, but these things are still going to be anime. Secondly, another “prove” here. So, How many lolicons were arrested for molesting a real person? Well, if you look for it, you’ll see that, there are not soo many of them :confused: In fact the vast majority of lolicons will only keep going deeper and deeper into the hentai world, so, we’ll still go after the thing which started the addiction itself, again, anime :confused: Evidence of this is all around us. Like the one I just said, there are basically no lolicons arrested for molesting children. And one more piece of evidence here, no one becomes addicted to lolicon without being addicted to anime first, that’s what we see in the communities. And well, If lolicons were just “pedophiles”, why they don’t just jump direct to lolicon itself? One last thing I can add here is that there are several pedophiles among the Lolicons. But I’ll tell you, it is relatively easy to know who is just a pedophile and not a lolicon in the communities. Different from lolicons pedophiles don’t like the traditional lolis, and prefer a more realistic version of them, usually in form of a 3D girl. Anyway, these guys are not really lolicons, they are just attracted to it because the look of them. Even because, how can you be a lolicon without liking lolis? XD

Also, let me prepare you for the sad truth that is: people don’t see that lolicon is harmless because they want to BELIEVE in the opposite. They want to keep believing that lolicon is bad so they have an excuse to ban it. But the only true reason behind it is that they just feel disgusted by it. If you try to argue with them you’ll soon see that there is no argument supporting this belief. And of course, without an argument there is no way you can discuss anything. So, if you really wanna try be prepare to talk with very angry people who won’t listen to anything you’ll say. In other words, prepare to be frustrated ^^".


The best lolis usually have an old-timey way of speaking, which is usually rare for actual children.


“Is it possible to like loli without being an actual pedophile?”


Before going further, I should point out that just because somebody pedophile DOES NOT mean they will harm, abuse, or exploit a real child, even if given ample opportunity to do so. The variables which govern a person’s likelihood that they’ll act on their desires against a real child victim are almost wholly identical to those found in adult rapists. These variables tend to be other social or psychological conditions, in conjuction with personality traits or abusive upbringing occurring in tandem with their pedophilia. Pedophilia alone is not meaningfully associated with acts of rape or sexual exploitation.
It should also be pointed out that only half of all known child rapists even meet the criteria for a pedophilic sexual preference or pedophilic disorder.

Now regarding the original question.

Just like it’s possible to have a taste for rape-themed pornography and not wanting to actually go out and commit real acts of sexual assault, or be sexually assaulted yourself, or that you support rape or material depicting the actual rape of a participant.
Actually, a better rhetorical comparison would be “is a person who consumes shota-on-older-female content a pedophile?” This specific type of content has managed to become a genre in its own right, wherein male consumers will project themselves onto the small boy character who is depicted engaged in sexual conduct with the older female characters, while having no preference for small boys or men themselves, and simply reading through it will make this fact very obvious. It’s not the young boy being sexualized, but rather the situation and the females he is engaged in conduct with.

It’s a difficult concept for some people to grasp at first, since their first rebuttal is usually something like “liking yaoi doesn’t make you, or the content not gay or homosexual”.
The problem with this specific comparison is that it completely discards the reasons why these materials are being consumed and what appeal they have.
A person who specifically consumes yaoi or male-on-male hentai may do so because they have a preference for males, and that’s fine. There does exist content where it would be very difficult to argue that it’s audience is not comprised of pedophiles with an interest in real children, but it’s not impossible for them to not be either. Plenty of women may consume pedophilic loli for the same reasons as men who consume “straight shota”.

Lolicon/shotacon often falls into a gray area or spectrum in terms of whether or not it is a valid indicator of a pedophilic sexual preference.

Many people consume lolicon works because they’re attracted to the aesthetic of cuteness, the soft features, small stature and proportions, or simply because of the art style and how it is drawn or the material is written or what outfit the character is wearing, states of undress, the emotion they’re feeling, or the situation, or simply just the character itself, as many parody works may involve properties borrowed from popular anime or video games, while avoiding and not consuming material that appears too realistic or has overtly pedophilic themes, situations, etc.
This group may identify as the “non-pedo” loli consumers.

And you have others who consume content that’s specifically designed to mimic or replace child pornography, often drawn very explicitly or graphically accompanied by narratives featuring themes of coercion, abduction, etc. where consumers will flat-out admit to their sexual preferences and that they consume these materials to satisfy those desires or fantasies. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this type of content or their consumption of it, since the principle I stated about not wanting to actually rape or “act on” their desires with real victims still applies and it serves as a much-deserved outlet for erotic expression and indulgence.

So I guess it really depends on the person and the content itself.
Do you trust them to be honest about why they consume it, and are you willing to believe them?

I’ve met people who consumed loli because they would project themselves onto the small girl characters, and many others who simply have a fondness for petite, cute characters. I suppose this makes sense. considering the vast majority of loli artists use petite JAV models as anatomical references and adjust proportions accordingly.


I can kill people in video games and find murder utterly reprehensible.


Weird thing is, people give fictional violence a free pass but fictional porn is some sacred, special thing that’s apparently magically separated from the rest of fiction. It’s pretty prudish in all honesty.


Yes, exactly!! It’s just so strange…I was thinking exactly about this


Apparently, it’s because people say that they don’t jack off to violence. I laugh in guro.


And the funny thing is, I seriously doubt people watch those Saw movies (which is basically torture porn) for the plot.


Bruh, people go to horror movies as a whole to watch people die but nobody says anything about horror movie watchers being messed up in the head. Why? “Because I’m personally invested in this.”


Sure! I like it, same as I like other adult comix. To me, they’re all in the same category. It wasn’t really the subject of attention until the game Rapelay came out on pc about 15 years ago, and only because amazon used to carry it. American underground comic artists have been doing the underage theme before the Japanese thought of it. Robert Crumb has been doing a similar thing since the 1960’s and he’s regarded as an artistic legend. Most people know who he is but search for the title “Joe Blow” for reference, it was a parody of what was supposed to be the traditional nuclear family at the time that they showed on tv. He just threw it back at them and said it doesn’t really exist and here’s what I think about it.

People like Mike Diana are why the comic book legal defense fund exists and why we abso-fucking-lutely need the first amendment: Mike Diana - Wikipedia

Comic books, movies and video games are called entertainment for a reason. These are things we can’t do or see or get in the real world, and common sense dictates there’s a great big line that divides fantasy and reality.