Can someone help me fact check this?

"New York City Schools to Include ‘Sexual Positions, Porn Stars, and Bestiality’ as Part of Sex Education


All sounds like things they are going to learn about one way or another in a few years.
Sexual Positions - How else are you going to have sex?
Porn Stars - Probably more honest than politicians.
Beastiality - Come on… its in the Bible.


I feel like this ^ already says everything you need to know about this blog and the likelihood of it being truthful and rational.

But let’s dive into it anyways.

Here’s the first fucking problem:

“…if they choose to engage in sexual activity, to do it in a healthy way,” she said.”

Beastiality is healthy?

This is a straw man. If indeed bestiality is mentioned in the curriculum, I highly doubt that it will be listed as a healthy sexual activity.

Educators should be doing everything they can to teach kids about common sense; like not having sex when you’re a school-aged teenager because it may result in unwanted pregnancy, as well as STDs.

The author appears to be in favor of abstinence-only Sex-Ed, even though it has been proven that it leads to more pregnancy and STDs. Thus, it makes only sense that he would be offended by the idea of teaching teenagers about risky and healthy sexual activities. He does not want them to be able to make safe and healthy decisions. He wants them to be uninformed asexual beings until they are 18, at which point they should now everything they need to know to make healthy decisions immediately.

He is not against the NYC Sex Ed curriculum. He is against any kind of Sex Ed for teenagers.

Directing students to a website that explores “…positions, porn stars, and bestiality” ? Who needs to learn about sex (including perversions) on the street, when the kids have New York City public schools to teach them.

The website he is talking about is Go Ask Alice. The site is “supported by a team of Columbia University health promotion specialists, health care providers, and other health professionals, along with a staff of information and research specialists and writers”.

You can indeed find a question about bestiality there. The answer is mostly objective (although it confuses bestiality with zoophilia), summarizing the current state of our scientific knowledge without passing judgement, which is very important considering that a certain percentage of teenagers who may find this site will just be realizing that they are attracted to animals. The answer does not advertise bestiality as a healthy sexual activity, it actually concludes with this statement:

it’s probably best for zoophilia to remain within the realms of fantasy rather than practice


The fact you can show evidence, shows that they didn’t read anything.

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