Change of strategy: Argue that these evil dolls are anti-democratic

So… I can’t fucking find evidence which proves they cause sex crimes. I think they very likely do, but I can’t fucking find evidence for it yet but it will eventually turn out. I think we should wait until evidence comes out that proves our point.

I encourage everyone from our facebook to argue that a hypermajority of Americans want it criminalized. (Hypermajority btw means either over 80%). By denying the right for child sex dolls to be criminalize, Prostasia and other organizations that oppose child sex doll criminalization are fundamentally anti democratic.

I gotta go to work and am extremely angry right now. I’m angry at this forum I can’t stay on here much longer and as I said I gotta drive to work pretty soon anyways. I hate being accused of condoning/apologist to terrorism.

At least we’re in agreement that more research needs to be done.

However, what if the evidence shows its not harmful? I doubt your position would change much and that your would allow people to manufacture and purchase these dolls.

If there were some evidence suggesting a link between these dolls and sexual offending you may find more support for temporary restrictions until there is firm evidence either way, but as you yourself have found, there is no such evidence.

Respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is and essential aspect of democracy. Restricting these dolls, and thus what people are free to do in the privacy of their own home, without evidence that these dolls cause harm, is fundamentally anti democratic.

If you don’t want to be accused of these things perhaps don’t do them. It isn’t hard to condemn terrorist threats.


Burden of proof lies on the accuser. So if there is no evidence either way, you lose by default. You “people” are about as democratic as the stupid witch-burning peasants of olde. Majority belief does not mean that it is factually correct, unless you believe that it was factually correct that the sun revolved around the earth. Be angry at yourself. If you don’t want to be accused of condoning terrorism, then stop condoning terrorism. You “people” are the invaders here. The rest of us just want to be left alone to enjoy ourselves.


Well, them “changing strategies” is a good sign. At least one of the heads of Orochi has died.


If you would like to contribute towards funding scientific research to investigate the effects of the dolls, you can do so here.

I do not agree with the change in strategy. These sex dolls are evil. They are tools of the devil. Anyone who has ANY religious blood in them would understand why.

edit: You also said on your timeline that some members of this forum were harassing us. I wouldn’t take anything they post to you too personal. There is something very suspicious about an organization that claims to be a children’s charity while trying to legalize child sex dolls. It’s fine for child charities to be neutral on criminalizing them but it’s another to be staunch opponents to their criminalization.

At least you’re not trying to hide your real motivations for being against them.

Prostasia is not a typical childrens charity, it is a sexual abuse prevention organisation and will always take a pro human rights and science led, and thus significantly more effective, approach as opposed to the emotion led, and highly profitable but highly ineffective, approach most children’s charities take.

In reference to your other post, to avoid effectively repeating myself, most child protection organisations also want to appeal to the general population, they are businesses and need to make money, often at the cost of things that could actually benefit children, saying things like “child sex dolls might actually reduce abuse” aren’t going to net them many donations. Those charities will try to appeal to emotion and popular opinion and often ignore actual science.

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Please desist from posting triggering art until we install that spoilers plugin. Thanks!

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There’s a fine line between majoritarian “mob rule” democracy and constitutional democracy.

Banning/criminalizing child sex dolls is possibly the most anti-democratic position a person could take because it relies on viewpoint discrimination and censorship, rather than reason or logic. That’s no different than a community of Protestant Christians banning science textbooks or pornographic films because the majority simply refuses to appreciate the materials in a peaceful way. THEY are the problem. Not the books, not the porn, not the dolls.

“I may not like what you have to say, but l’ll fight to the death your right to say it” - Voltaire


I agree with @terminus

I personally believe the forum should remain professional and SFW.

I have a theory for why religious blokes may feel this way about sexual matters, especially those pertaining to children.

It’s because you’re ashamed. You’re jealous. Faith, by definition, is incompatible with reason, which is required to look at these emotionally taxing and subject matter for what they are, rather than what you feel they should be.

It’s no secret to anyone that religious denominations are filled to the brim with rapists, especially child rapists. Child predators are everywhere in Christianity, be it the Catholic church, the Church of Latterday Saints, Protestants, etc. Seeing a group of non-believers and heathens free to indulge and engage in such debauchery, in a safe, legal, and harmless manner in and of itself is a railroad spike to your faith, hence why your kind are so eager to chant your praises and superstition when preaching your pro-censorship rhetoric.

Yesterday it was gays. The day before that it was unmarried sex (fornication), and the day before then it was interracial relations and marriage. Your kind will not silence reason. We are on our way to being the Thomas Paines and John Stewart Mills of our day, and the more you fight, the brighter we shine!


There is no such thing as evil objects. There is such a thing as evil people and evil ideas however in terms of ideas or thoughts it’s only evil necessarily if the fantasy or thought becomes solid.
And this is the general claim that a thought is determined to become solid and real.

Back in the 1980’s there was the ‘satanic panic’ and these moralists tried to make anything to do with the game Dungeons and Dragons illegal and that the game ‘normalizes’ satanic ritual and sorcery.
Here is an old article about whether Christians should play Dungeons and Dragons

Quote from article:
" However, we really need to look at the content of what is being read, memorized, etc.

  1. Teamwork - the gamers are working together to kill, destroy, steal or take whatever they want;
  2. Reading - they are reading about immensely complicated worlds of magic, spells and violence;
  3. Listening - listening to magic and violence being repeatedly acted out in the game;
  4. Memory - what on earth are they putting into their minds?63

Here is the point. For a Christian youth (or adult) to fill their minds with all this occult (and pseudo-occult) gibberish is an insult to the God Who made that mind. "

----end quote----
And that was the pervasive attitude of moralists to that game, this is very much pitched as a ‘thought crime’.

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