Channel 4 - MAP Interview

I have mixed feelings about this interview, mostly negative, it felt more like an interrogation than them trying to come to an understanding (which is why they claimed to be there). But on the bright side I’m glad they’re making videos about it and bringing more awareness.

Thoughts? :innocent:


Isn’t this the same channel that ran a program implying that children (and adults) with certain attractions deserve to be “hunted,” despite child protection professionals writing an open letter warning them about how they were likely doing more harm than good? Yeah I have little confidence in them producing anything in good faith. It’s all about views.

The fact that they left comments on is a pretty good indicator of that. The conversation has completely devolved into people advocating genocide or unlawful government monitoring of minorities.


if my memory serves correctly, Channel 4 (or just ‘4’ as it’s informally known) is an Australian public broadcasting company, right? I haven’t given the video a watch.


I think some of their ignorance might frustrate you when you do watch it though sadly :sweat_smile: :disappointed_relieved:

Channel 4 is a British public broadcasting company, they’re quite progressive most of the time but apparently not when it comes to minor attraction yet judging from what Elliot said lol. They usually tend to have a more progressive attitude when it comes to reporting but I think because they’re privately funded and rely on advertisers they probably think that they cant afford to run the risk of looking like they’re supporting pedophilia unlike the BBC who wouldn’t have this problem because its entirely funded by UK taxes :thinking:


I’ve never understood why people pretend that publicly funded news outlets have some huge conflict of interest. Advertisers will literally drop you the moment you stray from widely accepted opinions. Usually the government can’t defund you without new legislation


Brits aren’t really capable of “understanding.” (Hell, look at Brexit!)

We’re talking about people who want the Online Safety Bill to pass to “stop the boats.”

I honestly wouldn’t trust anything the UK has to say on this matter.

I like lolicon, but according to the British I’m some kind of monster?

Also this. As I said in another thread, a good majority of Brits are just looking for excuses to go murder people.


I hate how the interviewers treat him with disdain even though he has never done anything wrong, though it’s sadly not uncommon to be treated that way as a MAP going public. Those interviewers look like they are forced to touch a dead rat.

“Mouse” did a great job in really tough circumstances though, remaining pretty much unfazed and eloquent despite being faced with this :arrow_up: