Children don't exist to fulfill adults’ needs

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Kids are great for making you feel better when adulting sucks. Sure, there are good things about being an adult (chocolate for breakfast, pants-free work-at-home days) but the whole spiel can be pretty stressful. There’s money to worry about, work, the house, the relationships, the whole mortality thing. It can also get pretty lonely—and adults’…

I agree almost wholeheartedly. Adults need to let children think for themselves, and acknowledge their own faults. It’s easy to hate, but difficult to appreciate.

As a kid, I chose to raise myself instead of letting my parents raise me because I was cynical and I didn’t trust people easily because I starting realizing the real world is saddening to me so I felt like I was born in hell when I didn’t ask to be born in hell. Which is why I fought to investigate the real world I lived in without my parents or the government sheltering me from the real world. Because I didn’t want to be treated like a puppet nor a victim in a cruel society that wants to treat me like a work slave for its cruel economy. I think it’s silly how the parents underestimate their children because reality isn’t an innocent fairy tale. Reality is about toddlers fighting each other when they are being aggressively territorial with their toys. Humans aren’t meant to be innocent. Life allowed humans to live because humans have aggressive survival instincts that make them territorial. Which is why there’s a reason for people having monogamous marriages because they are being aggressively territorial in their relationships. This is why it’s hard for the people to legalize polygamy in most countries. Males marked their territories by making countries through wars to gain political power. This is why it’s hard for the people to experience peace and happiness when males are causing conflict in the real world with their poisonous masculinity. Children automatically have survival instincts to make sure humans don’t go extinct because life is about surviving regardless of morality. These survival instincts make children inevitably competitive to survive, which has caused children to bully each other. People are flawed animals that like to do what they want to do. There’s a reason why most parents don’t know how to handle a highly intelligent child that’s very unpredictable, very emotional, and has a lot of potential. Because societies usually have people who have average I.Q.s and relatively predictable behaviors that adhere to societal expectations. That makes highly intelligent children who are very unpredictable and very creative feel ostracized and feel misunderstood by societies. Albert Einstein was ostracized by German society because Albert Einstein had unconventional thinking because he was a genius probably. Geniuses are more likely to have unconventional thinking that’s strange and unpleasant to “normal” people. Jim Morrison was ostracized by American politicians because his unconventional rock music was against America’s societal expectations even though Jim Morrison had above average intelligence and made his unconventional rock music have intellectual substance because his mind was unpredictable enough to make innovative ideas. Edward Snowden was ostracized by some political people because Edward was too smart to be easily fooled by America’s online surveillance culture. Marilyn Manson was ostracized by the American people because Marilyn Manson’s music was harsh even though Marilyn Manson has above average intelligence and has the intellectual capacity to make unconventional music that is superior and more innovative than what “normal” people are making today. Other than that, I find that children can exist to make the education system, healthcare system, infrastructure, and economy thrive in the future once children become adults. So, children could fulfill adults’ needs that way. I would argue that Scandinavians do the best job at parenting. Scandinavian children are usually healthy, educated, sane enough, and practical. Scandinavian parents let their children learn about freedom, responsibility, sex, the real world, how to have fun, and other things. Average American parents have a tendency to put their children in the dark in a pretentious way to protect their children.

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This is what I’ve been trying to say to some people only for them labeling as an extremist. I’ve made oppositions to both age of consent and statutory rape laws on this basis. I’d really love to hear an explanation as to why advocating for youth liberation is in the same vein as being someone like Ethical-Al.

Because children cannot consent you retard

“Youth Liberation” = Let adults sexually exploit children! No we are not antis who are dipshits who want to increase the age of consent to something absolutely retarded like 25 or 21. But surely a reasonable argument can be made for 16-18 as exists in the United States, Ireland and the UK. If “youth liberation” involves abolishing age of consent to the point even the extremely profoundly low AOC of 14 as exist in Germany is “too high” for you, than it’s clearly a predatory fucking movement that no one would support including most MAPs.

Of COURSE the current state of things NEED FUCKING REFORM THEY FUCKING DO.

In Georgia, 21-year-old Genarlow Wilson is serving a mandatory 10-year jail sentence for aggravated child molestation. His crime: When he was 17, he had oral sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Did the 17 year old force himself onto the 15 year old? Was coercion involved? If not, then WE NEED close age exceptions when it comes to statuary rape offenses. We need to stop criminalizing sexual contact between minors were coercion and force were absent.

Also to “anti-shipper” type faggots out there… Wanting to deny young adults like 20 year olds the ability to engage in sexual relationships with older adults is a form of harm. So don’t think I am supporting you faggots. I believe in the age of consent, but raising it beyond the threshold for adulthood is retarded. Stop infantizing young adults. at 18 you are old enough to make decision as to whether you want to go into porn or not or have relationships with older adults.

Unfortunately, a lot of cases seem to involve parents and teachers. Parents and teachers are in what we would call a position of authority. There is a certain pressure to perform in a certain way, which might otherwise not otherwise be present. This isn’t phenomena limited to this, some companies don’t want he boss to be hitting on women within his chain of command.

In how many cases, do adults and teenagers meet in a situation which does not involve a position of authority? Or something to that effect? The internet is more problematic. Anyone could be using the internet, and I am sure some may have someone’s best interests at heart, but could you say that about all of them?

13 - 15 is a very complicated threshold, but there are factors which would suggest it is a bad one to enter. Sex / relationship education is helpful in diminishing the possible harms of relationships, but it is not omnipotent. In any case, it’s not up to me to decide any of this, it is up to the legislature and the people to decide if someone is adequately prepared for such a thing.

At 15, it might be worth giving someone a voice in democracy. I don’t know if this would constitute a vote, but it is important to get their viewpoints in society. And perhaps, we can formulate ways to improve the education system. The education system has remained fairly static since the 70s, and many psychologists have ideas on how to reform it.

For instance, children nowadays have far less time to play around, than they did during the 70s, and this pressure can be stifling on them. Regimens are rigid and there isn’t much flexibility. We can also introduce concepts like democracy by giving them a voice in educational institutional processes, so they can be prepared for the day they have a vote, and a voice in society.

Rethinking the age of sexual consent.

I don’t need his opinion about what is pathological, but which stages in which it is physiologically harmful, cognitively harmful, and emotionally harmful. Or evidence backed data on where the line is for significantly worse trauma, to better inform the sentencing decisions of courts.

In extremely rare cases, precocious (early) puberty has been observed in girls as young as 18 months. Fortunately, we don’t use the onset of puberty as a standard of when individuals should engage in sex. There is a point where a line should be drawn, even when it only involves minors.

Precocious puberty is a medical disorder which can be caused by a number of causes, including genetics, obesity, synthetic hormones in the environment like plastics, a tumor in the brain, or another cause.It doesn’t usually appear before the age of 9. Lina Medina gave birth at age 6, however it is extremely dangerous for someone at such an early age, and the baby had to be delivered by C-section.

Hebephiles like the fetishize the onset of puberty, and this writer too (metaphorically not literally), however there are other psychological and physiological factors which play a role. 11 / 12 would therefore be the lowest for minor on minor, and even that might be seriously pushing it.

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