Cloudflare has a new setting in Beta

I’ve been a Cloudflare [free] user for a long time and I was browsing through the settings and saw this

I’m super happy to see this! Of course, my immediate reaction to finding this was to post about it on here

My main concern with things like this have been that some databases may include fiction materials like cartoons, etc. Even if the material is illegal in the country, that doesn’t actually make it right to target people over it as fiction has nothing to do with CSA. Prostasia has, I feel, been advocating to not enforce the law over fiction because it conflicts with the existing evidence and predominant theories on the subject. And I see this is Canadian, and I know they ban all fictional depictions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the database is full of cartoons.
I’ve been scared for artists that platforms will begin to violate their privacy in a witch hunt to find loli and shota art or even consensual sexts they’ve shared privately with friends in PMS, that sort of thing.
Also this type of tool only catches known CP, and my impression is that a lot of CP that gets posted now-a-days is new and posted by kids (usually teens) themselves. So that’s one downside to it, and that makes me even more afraid of bots that might try to “guess” about content creating a guilty until proven innocent situation for people with things that are mistaken for CP, like models who look underage or teenagers sending consensual sexts between each other.
I’m skeptical about tools like this, even though they seem like a good thing at first glance, they’re a nightmare at a time where fiction and real CSA are seen as the same thing in many places.

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I wouldn’t use it, if I were running a website. Cloudflare has no business knowing what is or isn’t on my site and it can only be used against me by them to cut me off. Do remember that the best way to prevent “illicit content” is by scaring away marginalized groups, to sacrifice security and to to be overly draconian about enforcement.

Some turnips from an organisation who call themselves “Justice” also want filters and for reports to go straight to the police with an immediate ban without oversight from a platform to make sure the filter isn’t tripping a false positive.