Compiling research on link between fictional obscenity and abuse

This is a thread where I and you can help compile a list of research onto the link between pornography, obscenity and abuse. Which will also include finding whether there is a link between downloading fictional CP, fictional representations via 3DCG and drawings to actual abuse which is a controversial matter. I’ve looked at as much data as I can find, so far, no connection has been established between adult pornography and offending. It is a good question as to whether this holds true for consumption of fictional depiction of non-existing minors. And research also suggests there lacks a causal connection.

In 2012, research was done which did not prove a connection.

We have had to find that, to the best of our knowledge, there is no evidence that consuming fictitious images of child sexual abuse alone can lead people to commit child sexual abuse," the conclusion reads in the Sexological Clinic’s letter to the Department of Justice.

Consultant and head of Denmark’s sexology clinic at Rigshospitalet, Ellids Kristensen, who led the report, believes that in the light of the study’s conclusion, it would be extremely inappropriate to ban the child pornographic drawings.

Translation of article

If indeed there is no causal link between use of fictional representations and actual offending, we have a very strong case for Federal exemption of fictional depictions: 3DCG, Drawings and Sculptures from obscenity law. Obscenity law should be used to prevent dissemination of video or photographic recorded depictions where there is a victim such as animal fetish crush and prison rape videos. But where no victim exist, no crime should also.

Modify ALL obscenity law to exempt fictional depictions as well as all consensual photography and video between adults. Exempt ALL obscene texts from prosecution.

I will post links.

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Probably not the “scientific” research you wanted, but it’s something I found interesting.