Compulsions and Abuse

“Recounting and reenacting his memories of abuse are now an important part of his sex life for him, and he seeks out sexual partners who receive sexual pleasure from this also.”

I am very concerned about people who do this actually, the effects vary from person to person depending on a number of factors (i.e. simple consent, mentality, actions, etc.) but if it is that traumatizing, then to a certain extent, they are just scratching an itch and never quite able to move on.

I am not an expert or really any know much about this by any means, but I ran into a woman once who was absolutely obsessed with pedophiles and obsessively trying to get people’s attention and rambling about how she would give consent to engage in roleplay and possibly other activities.

She was quite obviously completely and utterly broken. Any actions under those circumstances would simply be taking advantage of someone and possibly even re-stoke their ptsd, given the self-destructive tendencies, I am no stranger to self-destructive behavior.

She also mentioned about being utterly dependent on a near relative, being psychologically detached from society, etc. It was so so wrong.

I am deeply, deeply concerned about people who behave in such a manner, not necessarily in a stigmatizing manner, but in one where they likely require some level of therapy, especially to be swayed away from potentially self-destructive behavior.

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These are fair points, and it would be worthwhile having an expert write a full article about this topic. Where is the line between engaging in a stigmatized kink and self-harming? Like many of the other issues that we talk about, this one is nuanced and difficult.

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