Concerns about SSRIs

I have observed very strange behavior among some individuals who have appeared around me for a short site. From what I can tell, they come from Germany, although it is impossible to tell in ll cases.

They have stated they’re using SSRIs, which to my knowledge, is a sort of anti-depressant. This is not surprising as most who are considered to be minor-attracted suffer from crippling depression due to the world hating their guts.

One or two describe seeing a therapist, although if they are, they aren’t doing a particularly good job considering how unhinged they are. But, it would explain why they need a therapist so badly.

They appear to have symptoms of mania + neurosis, although my knowledge in those areas is insufficient. In a lot of cases, a map would have a non-existent revulsion towards having sex with children (although, their knowledge may prevent them from doing such). It isn’t unusual to see some dark humor which might be unsettling to outsiders, but less so, given the mentality.

Even with this, their mentality is unsettling. Casually cracking jokes about babies being killed or tortured. I don’t think they even realized how shocking or appalling what they were saying was. They appeared to lack the self-awareness needed to catch this.

They too showed a very dangerous and risky (yet legal) pattern of behavior, which I can’t delve into the details of, which suggested a high risk of eventually commiting grooming or contact offenses. It appears one went onto SSRIs at one point to reduce their chances of commiting an image offense. They did not have the self-awareness to notice how unusual this was.

Their behavior and speech ishowed a complete lack of awareness for the consequences of their actions. Pro-contacts may be problematic from a psychologist’s perspective, but they have a strong awareness that if they commit a crime, they will be consequences. I couldn’t feel anything here. No sense of self-preservation either.

For the safety of the community, they have been removed. I would advise not overly relying on chemicals or drugs to alleviate depression and to instead foster healthy habits and lifestyles to counter depressive thought patterns.

It may be better for a legal framework to risk an image offense, than to risk escalation by pushing for a hasty intervention. One individual who used to be on SSRIs told me that SSRIs greatly increased their sexual compulsivity, although it didn’t increase their libido to go with it. This led to them trying to force whatever sexual stimulus they could get their hands on in a desperate bid to get sexual satisfaction. It led to suicidal ideation, although that is unlikely to be a factor considered when it comes to prevention.

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