Conditions that masquerade as MAPs

There are a lot of lookalike conditions hanging around, which is one reason I am always wary of people who advocate diagnosing minors or even children as being pedophiles and what-not.

I have met a variety of people with them and I don’t think of them any more or less due to it:

  • Hormone Imbalances.

  • OCD.

  • Non-exclusive Teleiophile.

  • Certain kinds of auto-pedophiles.

  • People with certain body preferences.

  • People really into cartoons.

This isn’t quite conclusive and perhaps some things may be more or less similar that we might expect, but it is always good to look at something from multiple directions. To make things even more complicated, being any one of those things doesn’t necessarily exclude you either.

The second to last one and probably the last one for me… Also, what’s an “auto” pedophile?

According to


n. refers to the gaining of sexual pleasure from dressing as a child, pretending to be a child, or having a sexual fantasy about being a child.

… So if I’m into:


What does that make me? In terms of the latter image, according to the comments, she would be the one on the right.

I don’t exactly know where you would fit, but I most certainly have OCD or something on the autism spectrum, so people might understandably be turned off by my sexual preferences or assume the worst, given my seemingly unscrupulous and unknowable nature.

Those pics are sneaky though, she has like huge boobs.
I’m not sure, we might need a map expert, a cartographer, hehe.

Maybe hebe+? Anything you react to even if you don’t like it?

To make it more confusing, it’s said that something like 10% of all pedohebephiles are also autopedophiles, although that number is kind of dodgy. It’s nearly impossible to do research into these things, it is interesting however. I think Michael Jackson may have been both.

It seems like trauma might also induce it in some situations and some other things.

Wait, the former or the latter? Like, which one has big boobs?

The one on the right on the bottom, someone linked to her Twitter before on another site. You can’t see it in that picture, but you certainly can when she’s nude.

May I have a link to that Twitter account, if not that Tweet?

Their personalities are like kids, sort of. If you don’t know what they look like, it can even trick your brain into behaving, or my brain, hm. Well, meeting someone in person would probably wreck that.

Only the MAP type too, other types are too judgemental by nature to a certain extent, one reason I do minor activism is to keep the person who partly fills the hole in my heart safe… Although, I’m not sure they really like me the same way.