Consider your options if you're struggling

I have been planning my whole life to leave my home country and move to a place where thoughts aren’t a crime.

Imagine looking at the faces of people you interact with daily. Talking and laughing with them, knowing deep inside that they would all turn their back against you and ditch you in a heart beat. You’re sitting there. They talk about how MAPs should eat a bullet and you prevent as if you agree.

God, how many people live like this? Very early on I gave myself two options: “suicide, or do your best and move.”

I just felt like posting this on here to give people in similiar situations a reason to keep living and to say “fuck you” to the society I grew up in. Not every country has a gov. and a society that denies your existence, trying to banish anything that might make them think of it (cartoons, dolls, literary works). There is never a “too late”. Work, save up money, study, learn a language, apply abroad. There is no clear path, but an EU-Passport greatly increases your chance. Look into it and see for yourself if it is worth it.

Most people can live a happy life without certain elements and for those people it’s probably more likely to accept their fate and live a simple, normal life. That’s great, too.

Keep doing well and I hope you’re alright.


When my own father shares shit like this with me:

Trigger warning: a box of “pills” to cure pedophilia…

And tells me that all peds deserve to get killed in prison…

Yeah, I feel ya. I love him but fuck that vigilante shit. As some of you might recall, I almost shot myself in the head last August. That’s the world vigilantes who think every ped, even those who hate themselves and desperately want to be “normal”, need to die want: a world where people blow their own brains out in the disquieting and frightening silence of their own homes because they believe themselves innately evil and can’t do anything else about it.


I find myself thinking more and more about that option. Since the doll ban I realized that even constitutional principles don’t mean anything for us and that the government is basically able to do whatever they want with us. If I keep living here I am convinced that it is just a matter of time until I am jailed for no reason but my thoughts and attractions.

I just know that I can’t do this forever. I have come to despise this country, it’s government and the people living in it, who act like they know everything when they understand nothing.

But is there really any place on earth where things are truly different? Sweden and Japan come to mind, but are they really different? I suspect that even there you cannot openly live as a pedophile without endangering yourself.


Well, the trick is, like a non-emo vampire, not to even think about a “cure”.

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I’m sorry that you had to go through all of that.

I saw a user on Discord that posted the following: “Sometimes you have to remind yourself how fortunate you are and the blessings you’ve been given.”

While there may be some stigma, at least in Japan there’s lolicon/shotacon, not to mention child sex dolls, which you can get from some Japanese websites.

Or you can just search for the game “Little Witch Nobeta”, go on their “Official Website” and look for the link to their Discord server. Some cute loli art there.


Japan is pretty much the best country for MAPs when it comes to living a life in dignity. I don’t have the source anymore, but I remember a politician saying that MAPs are pretty much part of LGBT. You get actual government funded programs where people go and engage with dolls. A truly insane number of companies, doujin circles who only deal with loli art. I also saw a news report of a nsfw studio in Japan opening up and putting half of their adult cast into productions where they pretend to be you know. Japanese artists and V-Tubers openly talk about their attraction and literally nobody cares.

They can distinguish fiction from reality. Japan is just different. Closest to Japan in terms of mentality, culture and law is Finland which is in the EU and pretty easy for you to go and live.

Stay away from Sweden. How did that even come to mind? There is a very aggressive group of people pushing the ban of dolls. Comics are also in a gray area since the supreme court decision still allows prosecution. It mentions drawings and paintings on Chapter 16, Section 10b of the swedish criminal code in a context where it would not be illegal if the offender is a child themself. Which in turn means that drawings are also included in the definition of CSAM. The court case dealt with Nekomimis and other fantasy depictions. The guy still got charged with CSAM for one drawing.