Could yall link studies and articles regarding the doll use being completely safe and the effects on the users who use them?

I haven’t read all that much a huge amount of study on dolls but all the articles i have read are against it. So pls could you all show the contrary?

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Many frame doll ownership and confine that framing to an expression of an abusive nature.

Proscribing dolls proscribes expressing the ideas that sympathetic magic has no effects, that what happens to a doll doesn’t matter and that it’s never morally relevant for anyone to feel more protective of any doll than of a nondescript sex toy.

It’s no more evil to think that what happens to a doll doesn’t matter than it is to think tying shoes doesn’t matter, regardless of how evil the one who thinks it might be and regardless of the doll’s shape.

This nonsense of conflating doll ownership with abuse is absurd.

In some countries, doll laws are justified by suppositions that frame doll ownership as incitement. None of those models of incitement even include advocacy to incite or produce lawless action. Such framing of incitement to proscribe is disallowed in the US.

Brandenburg v. Ohio (1969)

“A state may not forbid speech advocating the use of force or unlawful conduct unless this advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action and is likely to incite or produce such action.”

In the US, expression cannot be proscribed because it might desensitize, normalize, intensify or some other contrived framing of incitement that doesn’t even include advocacy.

Here’s something.


Because none of those articles provide any actual substantive reasons for why they should be illegal/banned. Many of the articles surrounding this type of material are speculative, and mostly focus on the ethics of it all while shamelessly asserting their morals, while other papers highlighting the mainly moralistic arguments note the generalized lack of evidence for these positions.


Sounds like stupid peasants being “against” witches.


Yeah, that’s why i’m asking for studies that prove that people using dolls is totally safe and ok, i want to defend dolls and maps rights but to do so i need to have arguments and sources to make the “anti p*rn” trend crumble.

From the same site above, an overview and links to the various psychological studies about doll owners.

There are a number of us that use them as surrogate children, not for sex. We treat them like people. Now maybe we have had some kind of mental break? But because of life’s circumstances (never met the right person, age), for myself, have kept me from ever being able to have a wife and kids, at some point I decided I had nothing to live for and was desperately lonely. Almost suicidal. Upon discovering their existence, I thought I could have a family I always wanted albeit imaginary.

Most of the people against them only talk in terms of “possibly/maybes”, as was said earlier, standing up on their moral soapbox spouting untruths as truths. With no science behind their statements. At least now, thanks to a few researchers, it’s being proven that people who own dolls are less of a harm to children than “Uncle Bob”. Anyone in the doll community would agree with that.

Truth is, generally, no one would want to come forward to share their experiences with them for the justifiable fear of ridicule, hatred, and vitriol. They’d instantly be labeled a “pedophile” in the most disingenuous context of the word, which has become the norm for the general public, equating that with being a predator or already some kind of offender. Which I say constantly, is another big, fat lie that’s perpetuated with those narratives.

The real-world studies are with the millions of doll owners who have harmed no one, and don’t plan on it. Fact is, many of us have curbed pornography in our lives as well. It has no appeal. When your sense of sight, smell, and touch are overloaded by the prescience of your dolls. Your imagination takes flight. With dolls, there are no victims; real, imagined, or future.

Question is, how are we ever going to break these stigmas attached to healthy human behaviors. Such as masturbation, most starting when they’re young. Kids being sexual human beings like all the rest of us. Not little walking tape recorders with no feelings or urges. Children ARE being abused everyday by this social hierarchy that’s been jammed in place through religion. Just find me one adult who hasn’t had some kind of childhood trauma. For example, we joke about nuns with rulers as adults, to downplay how traumatic an experience like that was, when we were forced into those institutions. Didn’t “make” anyone a better person. Just gave us distasteful memories.