CREEPER Again anti doll law

This is exasperating.

Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition.

“[S]peech that records no crime and creates no victims by its production” is not image based abuse.

Jenkins v. Georgia

“Only material that displays ‘hard core sexual conduct’ is prohibited.”

What someone does to any lifeless object has no moral relevance.

My response to a tweet that shows the link


This is sickening. Are there really no more pressing issues for Florida politicians to concern themselves with than what shape the private sex toys of individuals resemble? They have been hung up on this crusade for 4 years now. I honestly think they want real children to be the only possible sexual outlet for those that are attracted to them. Will the Supreme Court ever put an end to these unconstitutional laws?


The agenda prioritizes punishment for a perceived evil over everything and over the wellbeing of every person–including the precious.

The agenda is hate based, not safety based. The motivation is hate.

The idea activists express condemns even one who genuinely outright prefers the doll equally to one who offends. The idea disregards the difference between a failure to feel protective of a lifeless object and a failure to feel protective of others. They frame the elimination of an attraction pattern as worthy of collateral damage.

The activist would seek to punish a hermit for possessing a doll.

It may be enough to explain with elaboration that the reason someone likes a doll is unworthy of attention. We have civil liberties in the US. I don’t know what it will take to counter the aggressive agenda in other countries. For sure, perseverance will be needed. Punishing for a doll is lunacy.

It appears this is H.R. Bill 2877. Are there any petitions against it? Letter from Prostasia? I am surprised this topic has not received more replies.


There are two House bills. For a law to pass, there must be a senate bill and a house bill that match.

This happened before.

That’s why this looks odd to me.

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This is the third, maybe fourth time that it’s been submitted. They all died, but we’re ready.


Anyone want to help with this?


You can see our response to a past version of this law, which included a letter from experts, on our website