Curious about some of Prostasia's positions

Hi guys! I have a couple of questions for Prostasia which I hope don’t sound too silly or obvious lol :smiley: I want to understand what this organization is about a little more if that’s ok.

  1. So my first question is, if it was discovered that lolicon/shotacon and child sex dolls increased the amount of CSA in society (Which I doubt but just as a hypothetical) would Prostasia change their position and try to ban them instead?

  2. I know Prostasia agrees that sex education and learning about consent is important for a variety of reasons, but does Prostasia have a position on under 18’s watching pornography for pleasure? Is it harmful or a normal part of development for example?

Thank you for reading!

P.s. I love what I’ve seen of Prostasia so far and I think this type mature & modern approach to these types of topics are great, keep it up! :blush:

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In answer to your question number 1, yes if we had proof that lolicon/shotacon/child sex dolls increased CSA, we would certainly oppose them. We are a CSA prevention organization, after all. However, what little evidence that we have, tends to suggest otherwise. A number of MAPs claim to use them to avoid offending.

As to #2, while we definitely support improved sex education and understanding of consent, there is not much “educational” about pornography. If it increased CSA, we would oppose, if it doesn’t, I am of the opinion it should be parents’ decision. But the Board would have the final say.


I will follow up that us opposing something doesn’t necessarily mean we’d be in favor of legislation against it, since you asked specifically about whether we’d support a ban. For example, drug and alcohol abuse are known to increase someone’s risk of committing CSA, but you won’t see us advocating for prohibition or government surveillance of people’s use of legal drugs. Our goal would be harm reduction that does not impede human rights, and we’d use research and input from experts to determine the best way to accomplish that.

(Obligatory “I don’t set Prostasia’s policies so take everything I say with a grain of salt”)


We all know that rare minerals for the production of computer parts, or cocoa farms, cheap clothing are all known to be linked with a huge industry consisting of child labor. Cheap prices in our current economy requires victims, so it should be everyone’s responsibility to avoid companies and products that are known to give zero fucks about this issue. Nobody seems to care about this.

A lot of media is harmful to kids, but this doesn’t negate the rights of others. If this were to be the case then the world would be a very restricted place. “Keeping children safe” is a reason why governments get away with censorship. There is a place for every form of victimless media such as video games and art. Blame the people and not the media. It’s not a weapon that kills, but the one who pulls the trigger.