Cuties: NOT the hill to die on!

It’s already LEGALLY considered csam in Turkey, and rightfully so. Is this something Prostasia really wants to defend? I get this charity is an organization that focuses on both civil liberties, especially 1st amendment issues, but this organization is also focused on the prevention of sexual exploitation of minors.

While the message of the movie is certainly commendable, the explicit filming is absolutely not. A 12 year old absolutely is in no position to be consenting to straight up zoom ins of her pubic regions, nor certain dance moves that involve them (possible) touching their pubic regions. These dance moves look sexually suggestive and from a laymen’s perspective, they might think it violates the federal provision prohibiting lascivious exhibitions of the pubic region. It’s certainly possible that case law may have protected cuties from being illegal to distribute. But when a laymen who reads the letter of the law including some case law after stumbling across clips associated with cuties and concludes “I’m maybe 50% sure this is technically illegal under federal law”, you know we have a huge problem. Posts online which straight up say those scenes violate USC 2256 under lascivious exhibitions of the pubic region get literally hundreds of thousands of upvotes on forums.

Can a 12 year old consent to a zoom in of her pubic region while she is doing a sexualized dance? NO.
Can a 12 year old consent to recording and distribution of recordings of her doing a dance move which involve them (possible) tapping on their pubic regions? NO.

I am 100% with Prostasia when it comes to keeping or making “child like” sex dolls and cartoon “child pornography” legal BECAUSE they do not involve REAL MINORS. If it does not involve real minors, THERE IS NO VICTIM. But CUTIES IMPLICATES REAL CHILDREN, AND TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, CHILDREN WHO ARE NO WHERE NEAR THE AGE OF ADULTHOOD. CUTIES IS NOT THE HILL TO DIE ON.


We reviewed the movie, but your “hill to die on” metaphor suggests we are defending it to the death. Hardly—there are things to like about it, and things to be concerned about. That’s the nice thing about art criticism, it is rarely as black and white as “dying on a hill.”


So now we see Turkish law system has been controlled by puritans. Noted.

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Yeah, they might be laying it a bit thick on Cuties, I’m surprised I agree with you even partially.

It is not CP. If it were CP, you would have to arrest a lot of teenagers, who themselves were the basis behind Cuties being made. The movie was a point about society. It is also not “CSAM” because it contains no sexual contact.

No, Netflix aren’t going to jail for it, it would be a disturbing precedent. Something being “immoral” does not mean it should be “illegal”. Yes, Prostasia have lost their minds. This isn’t a hill worth dying on, and there are many other hills which might be. Netflix will be fine on their own. Even Prostasia’s images from Cuties to their posts relating to it could be argued to be improperly sexual, this is unbecoming of a child protection organization. I was expecting more emphasis on human rights and child protection, instead I get more disappointing cargo cult “progressive” mantras.

The conservatives, in any case, are over-reacting over a film which in any other year would have passed by without much fanfare. Or if Netflix had chosen more appropriate materials to promote the movie. I am sorry to disappoint you to say that most pedophiles did not like this movie.

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u condemn movie? Or u support it.

If U support it I call you FAKE charity.

Did you read what he said above, it answers your question.

Most people angry about the film likely haven’t watched it, and even fewer have actually made an attempt to understand it, most can’t see through the blind rage.

The overblown reaction to it, with a complete absence of rational thought, has certainly caused far more harm than the film itself. There are valid reasons to condemn it, alongside points it had to make, but the way it was handled had certainly caused a great deal of harm.

I didn’t watch it because viewing = image cache = possession = wrong.
viewing = image cache = possession = illegal = fines, or probation or jail if bad enough

I came across enough clips on twitter to know that this movie is ILLEGAL and WRONG. Condemn the movie OR U FAKE CHARITY. Cuties = actors 12 and 14. NO CONSENT POSSIBLE AT THIS AGE. Wait till 18 for porn. Cuties is already considered child pornography in Turkey SO IT MUST BE CONSIDERED CHILD PORNOGRAPHY WORLDWIDE


That’s your opinion and no one’s going to make you watch it, I’ve not watched it either but I’ve seen enough to know it’s not porn, and it’s clearly not considered illegal in most countries.

Things are rarely as black and white as good or bad.

“Change the laws to make the thing I don’t like illegal”

BTW I’m not American, I’m British. Even in the extremely puritanical UK cuties is not considered pornographic.


It’s also illegal in Turkey to insult the memory of Ataturk. Does Turkey’s opinion on that count worldwide also?


“It’s also illegal in Turkey to insult the memory of Ataturk. Does Turkey’s opinion on that count worldwide also?”

U ever been to my country? Yes it must be a criminal offense to insult Ataturk. Why this even a question? It very serious offense here for good reason. Though I am muslim I fully am against an islamic government. Ataturk made my country secular. Let islam guide our personal lives, keep it out of politics! Keep religion out of politics. Turkey has good morals and good standard. We neither too puritanical nor too expressive in our sexual expression. We are not like the UK, Americans, Australians, Germans, Nordic nor Mexicans that permit degenerate expressions. But we are no prudes like the Iranians and Saudis that ban all porn and make bad laws that women must wear headscarfs because they think hair is too sexy.

We Turks are perfectly balanced, as everything should be.

Degeneracy in the west leads to less severe types of child pornography like Cuties being legal. U have gone too far. This must be resolved. 12 14 YEAR OLD CANNOT CONSENT TO CUTIES. Must be made illegal.

He didn’t ask if it should be illegal there, he asked if that should also be the case in the rest of the world. E.g. Should a Finn be punished for insulting Ataturk when they live in Finland?

SO U OK WITH THIS MOVIE BEING LEGAL. It OK to sexualize 12 and 14 year old to u?

I have already said everything that I want to say on the topic, and I am not going to be badgered into answering “when did you stop beating your wife”-style leading questions just to vindicate your outrage over a movie that you admit you haven’t seen. But if you ever do choose to watch it, it might interest you, being a Muslim, that it was directed by a black Muslim woman, based on her own experiences.

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