Dear Americans, please overturn Kennedy v. Louisiana

I believe rape of a child should carry the death sentence. In my perspective, the aggravated rape of a child under 13 is as serious of a crime as premeditated murder of a child and warrants death. I would suggest recording the execution process, allow the general public which undoubtfully includes CSA survivors to watch the execution live. I believe this will promote healing among victims.

I know this won’t have any impact on the crime rate, but I do believe it should give CSA survivors closure and healing.

was sentenced to death after being convicted of raping and sodomizing his eight-year-old stepdaughter. The rape, taking place in March 1998, was uncommonly brutal: it tore the victim’s perineum from her vaginal opening to her anal opening. [It] tore her vagina on the interior such that it separated partially from her cervix and allowed her rectum to protrude into her vagina. Invasive emergency surgery was required to repair these injuries.

It was considered unconstitutional by a 5 - 4 margin. Please legalize the death penalty for child rape. Unfortunately my country Australia ended the death penalty. But the States still retain it. Bring it back, make the executions public for the general public to watch.

Then you already know why this won’t happen


Reducing crime is not the only reason why… I’m sure your populous would want to watch an execution. Pretty sure it could be monetized in some way. Money is power, more power than views. Most creators would rather get 50 cents than 1000 views.

Since when did justice become less about righting the wrongs of a crime and more about torturing and abusing criminals for the enjoyment of the population??

I’m sorry, but you’re out of line. The criminal justice system here in the United States isn’t a dog and pony or Roman-style exhibition of suffering for a specific class of citizens.

I firmly believe the death penalty has no place in our legal system.


He probably believes the Snowtown Murders were a good thing…


I’m closing this thread. Everyone has said their piece, but we have already had enough QAnon-created threads about killing, raping, or torturing people who offend.