Depictions of child abuse - The internet forgets nothing, as long as it's not supposed to forget

In December 2021, journalists from ARD political magazine Panorama and NDR format STRG_F (funk), together with Der Spiegel, revealed that photos and videos showing serious sexual abuse of children often remain on the net for years – even though investigating authorities could have them removed. Victim protection organizations and child and youth psychologists subsequently spoke of a „slap in the face of those affected“, a group of MEPs is now seeking clarification.

We sent a German image-hoster links to about 100,000 photos, which it took down from its servers within three hours. Some of these photos had also been lying dormant on the servers for years without the hoster having been informed by German authorities, according to his statement.

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They say that they don’t have the manpower to delete those images, but it’s only writing a mail to the service providers? It is literally a by-product of their investigative work, since they need to know what is being shared and by whom to file charges. Why not request deletions after catching the criminals?

I don’t trust most child protection organizations, because they wouldn’t need to exist if children were safe. It needs to be a legitimate gov. or an organization that is not begging for donations and or is financed by the gov. Money is a disgusting corruptor.