Discontinuing the Sex Dolls category

The Sex Dolls topic has been removed from the forum in order to reduce the confusion of which posts fit into what category, since nearly all of the posts in it applied to one or more additional topics. The existing posts have been moved to categories that moderators feel are a good fit for them, however, let us know if you think any ended up in the wrong spot.

This will help keep the topics list easy to navigate as Prostasia’s focus evolves over time, while also ensuring that these threads, many of which bear significant relevance to sex positivity and CSA prevention efforts, get the attention and visibility they deserve. This change also better reflects the various purposes that these dolls serve for people who own them.

The way these posts are moderated has not changed, and this forum is still open to discussions related to dolls, other fantasy and fictional outlets, and anything else with relevance to child protection.