Discrimination laws should apply to MAPs

I honestly don’t understand how MAPs are not covered in any law that is supposed to grant equal rights to every human no matter their sexuality, religion etc.

Once that’s the case then it would be much easier to tackle problems like stigma and unfounded mistreatment. This decision heavily relies on pschyologists and lawmakers. I never really hear anyone talk about this tho. Where I live MAPs are not covered under the “Equal Rights” and “Anti-Discrimination” laws and because of this it’s easier to strip MAPs of their basic human rights:

No one may be disadvantaged or favored because of his sex, his parentage, his race, his language, his homeland and origin, his faith, or his religious or political opinions. No one may be disadvantaged because of his handicap.

This does not apply to MAPs and because of that it’s perfectly legal for politicians to spread misinformation and even outright state that no MAP is welcome in politics. There is no legal obligation to protect MAPs if they are being targeted for their sexual preference unless it includes threats or insults.

  1. Everyone has the right to free development of his personality insofar as he does not violate the rights of others or offend against the constitutional order or against morality.

Also this law granting freedom is restricted by morality which is utterly useless. Obscenity and laws founded on morality need to be abolished since they are never objective.


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Any anti-discrimination laws that include sexual orientation as a protected trait technically include MAPs, there’s just strong public pressure for the justice system to misinterpret those laws.


There is nothing more discriminating than Anti-discrimination-laws. At the current state, they are just lists of groups of people, where it’s okay to discriminate against.

At least in Germany, pedophilia is politically considered not to be a sexual orientation, but a “dangerous and sick perversion”. Therefore, pedophiles are excluded from anti-discrimination-laws, are not included in protection against hate-speech and are explicitely excluded from a law banning conversion therapies, despite those therapies being described as “cruel, damaging and inhuman”.


We’re very lucky in the UK to have an organisation called the ‘Citizen’s Advice Bureau’. However, even their un-judgemental ethos seems to have it’s limitations…


I have an example from a Report of the Swiss Legal Affairs Commission of the National Council:

Auch Hasskriminalität und Diskriminierungen von LGBTI-Personen [fallen] in den Anwendungsbereich von Artikel 261 VE-StGB. Diskriminierende Äusserungen und Hasskriminalität wegen pathologisch, krankhaft gestörten Sexualpräferenzen wie beispielsweise Pädophilie fallen hingegen nicht in den Schutzbereich der vorgeschlagenen Norm.


Article 261 VE-StGB also applies to hate crimes and discrimination against LGBT-people. Discriminating remarks and hate crimes because of pathological, sick and disturbed sexual preferences like pedophilia however are not protected by this proposed norm.

Just consider this for a second. They acknowledge that pedophiles are experiencing hate crimes and discrimination by calling it thus. Still they explicitly exclude us from any protection, because… I guess we deserve it? And this is justified by using some of the most vile and stigmatizing phrases to describe pedophilia, phrases which by the way were used in exactly the same way against LGBT people not too long ago, which they want to protect now.


Finland seems to be the best place in the EU for MAPs right now. Their organization works closely with the government and they prevented a ban on dolls etc. They are currently pushing to make realistic fictional material legal (technically it already is, but only when deemed artistic or informational - clearly fictional stuff is 100% legal regardless) and I have not heard any backlash. They did get some comments about defending dolls, but it was very little. A society like Japan and Finland (quiet, reserved and careful with their words) is the best social construct in such an information heavy time period.