Do the books in the link "encourage" sexual activity?

From here:

SUMMARY: The writer works for Planned Parenthood. This is what Planned Parenthood (and obviously the library staff) want for your children. One parent described this book as “pure evil.” It coaches children to get involved with masturbation, “butt sex,” “kink,” and BDSM - which includes biting, restraints, electric shocks, sex with strangers, etc .
Read sample pages here. (CAUTION: obscene material.)

If this is not an issue, then please explain why do you think so?

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For example the book doesn’t ecourage involvement in kink, or mastrubation, but explains what they are. In the book they reference on p. 150 they say:

That said, it’s ok to not mastrubate.

How come these idiots have to lie about what a book says?

Here is another page on the book “Sex is a funny word”:

This appears to be a book written by a pedophile. It coaches 8-11 year-olds to be comfortable getting naked and being touched. And in particular, to feel okay having their anus touched.

Coaching children to feel comfortable getting naked.

Sigh, from the book:


Notice the full context of what the book says in comparison to what Massresistance chooses to show?

And here:

Coaching children to feel okay about being touched.

Again they don’t show the full context:
Screenshot 2022-11-28 183136


They don’t point out the book says it’s okay if you don’t want to be touched, or this:
Screenshot 2022-11-28 183325


Wow, it seems like this book really teaches almost everything you need to know and all in 1 place too :open_mouth: Apart from that last panel with the faces looking really creepy :joy: it looks like a great book overall :heart:

I began learning about consent and sex ed from around 5+ years old (at home) and from around 10 years old (at school) but I didn’t learn about kink or homosexuality from school at all so I can imagine that this book will be very useful to a lot of kids who have more conservative parents & teachers.

I knew about 90% of what I know about sex now by the time I was 13 (The remaining 10% being about Mapness & Gender Identity + a few kinks lol :wink:) but like many boys that age we mainly learned so much compared to previous generations because of our very easy access to online porn which is probably better to use for entertainment purposes rather than educational ones lol which I’m guessing this book is trying to replace as the primary educator.

As for encouraging sexual activity, personally I do believe that kids will be encouraged to be more sex positive and perhaps encourage some to engage in sexual activity because they know as much (or more) than the adults around them because it makes sense that as education improves more people will feel safe and comfortable to put their knowlege into practice with little to no consequence.

However I do believe that learning about these things early will reduce the chance of being abused immensely because not only can you understand what someone is trying to do to you, you will also have the confidence to tell someone because you know the proper terms to explain and who to go to when someone tries to touch you innapropriately.

Just my honest opinion :innocent: