Do you guys literally increase donations based on getting criticized?

The doll is not a victim…who is the victim?
If someone was to in private purchase a doll and never offend, lets say they live out peacefully and do not commit a single offence and simply use the dolls. Lets also say they never publicly advertise the fact they have one. Where is the victim and what is the crime?
See you have to make some kind of leap and set of assumptions beyond this base case, in some cases you might be correct in those assumptions but i suspect they’d be the minority of cases.
The dolls cannot cause someone who was never going to offend to then go on to offend there is no evidence of that. If they offend anyway even with the doll then they was always going to offend.
A bit like a violent psychopath who watches horror movies is always going to kill someone regardless of if they saw those movies or not.