Do you think owner sex doll is right?

The elderly due to the increasingly less physical strength and energy, to participate in social activities, business operation, the passion of life, reducing faded, and feelings of loneliness, loneliness, fear of the unknown on the upcoming elderly life, fear of disease and death is increasing, therefore, the elderly population is eager to can from group activities (such as a square dance, party in the park, etc.), a hobby, and personality, get some attention, and get a real sense of fun.

Sex dolls that look like adults are a right. But no one has the right to simulate child rape. The default for adult sex dolls is legal unless proven it causes critical amounts of harm to society. The default to the child sex doll is that illegal unless proven to reduce child abuse of any kind.

What is there not to say that a person would be using adult sex dolls to simulate rape as well? Is rape by your standard of morality acceptable? It isn’t by mine, regardless if it’s a child or an adult.

Most adult sex doll owners are trying to simulate a consensual relationship. Those with child sex dolls pretty much never pretend their doll is an adult who just happens to look really young. If they were pretending their doll is an unusually young looking adult, maybe the moral issues would be less. But they generally pretend their doll is a fucking child.

Can you guarantee that not a single person who owns adult sex doll has rape fantasies? A lot of people have those, one of the best selling erotic novels is 50 Shades of Gray. And what about necrophilia? Such a doll is basically like a dead body.

In lack of any empirical evidence publically available about this information, I assume you are talking from experience, right?

How do you know? Maybe they have a fantasy fetish and pretend it’s a dwarf or a hobbit. Do you discriminate against those with fantasies about fantasy creatures too?

Homosexualism used to be considered immoral, interracial relationships used to be considered immoral. Seriously, if that is the only problem you have with those dolls, it’s not a solid one.

Besides, I don’t think a person like you, who justified an adult child predator can really be considered an arbiter of what is moral and what isn’t.

Thats EXACLTY what I think about when I fantasize about lolicon :confused: I have no idea why you’re so sure that pedofiles don’t do the same with sex dolls.


Research so far has not shown it reduces sex crimes. So until it has shown to reduce it, I have virtually zero interest in legalizing these terror dolls. Have fun advocating for these terror dolls. I’m heading for my night shift.

Drinking water so far has no research that shows it reduces sex crimes. So maybe let’s ban water drinking, it will reduce the amounts of sexual abuse of children since there will be no children alive to be abused if such law were to be passed under this ridiculous assumption that you propose.

There is no research that it causes harm either, so your argument, isn’t really sound.

Have fun advocating for not punishing child predators for sexually exploiting 14-year-olds.

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Virtual pornography reduces sex crimes, as do these dolls.


People should be allowed to have whatever fantasies come into their minds, as well as communicate them in a safe, legal manner to those also receptive and willing to hear them. That’s the basis of free speech, and freedom of speech has been shown to yield exponentially more benefits to society than censorship and suppression of ideas.
They have done research into this. There is no evidence that these fantasies are likely to cause harm, and is obvious that they do not, nor are they the product of harm.

I’ve explained my position here possibly dozens of times but it never changes.


Terror? Well, stupid peasants are afraid of everything I suppose. Anyone turned into a newt yet?