Does access to pornography increase violence?

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Apologies if this forum isn’t the right place to ask, but I just wanted to know whether or not greater access to pornography increases violence.
If sources could be attached, that’d be great.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Nope. It decreases it from what I can see.


Sexual violence has decreased dramatically with the proliferation of pornography. There’s definitely a correlation between access to pornography and reductions in violence(sexual or otherwise), but I don’t think sufficient research exist to concretely establish a casual link.


Access to pornography of all kinds (yes even that kind) has been observed to coincide with decreases in sexual violence and contact offenses at the population level over both short and long term periods.

Moreover, after decades of empirical inquiry, the scientific community has yet to find a meaningful link between pornography consumption and the commission of subsequent sexual offenses, even among pedophilic individuals.

Among individuals who are not predisposed to commit sexual offenses against children or adults, it has been consistently found that pornography consumption actually DECREASES their risk of subsequent sexual offenses, wherein for individuals who are predisposed, it is unclear, but a causal connection has yet to be confirmed by the empirical consensus.

Keep in mind that the exploitation and abuse of children or adults for the creation of a film does not justify the creation of such a film, as it is a form of child exploitation and abuse, and states are justified in criminalizing pornography that features or depicts the sexual abuse of real children.



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