Does anyone know if this is true

Does this count as porn?

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Can it really be argued that these materials being banned from schools is done out of protecting them…? I think we should be asking ourselves these questions first before jumping to these insane conclusions. Censorship is poison, but we typically disallow adult content from being accessed by children to protect them, which I can sympathize with, but ultimately to the limit where it can be shown that such exposure would cause them harm.

As for the contents of the books…I’ve seen more graphic and colorful depictions than this in many of the books within junior high school libraries, hell then the science textbooks had anatomical illustrations of reproductive organs all the way in the back, some more detailed than others. We shouldn’t be trying to impose arbitrary opinions and views, but acting out of necessity. I don’t see banning these books in particular as ‘necessary’.

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The Bible and Quran are infinitely more graphic than this. Just because they use no pictures doesn’t mean the contents aren’t disturbing. Descriptions of slavery, rape, genocide, war, murder, discrimination, oppression, incest, bestiality, torture, prostitution, child marriage, etc. Many of these same people claiming that LGBT are pushing a sexual agenda onto children will defend their own religious indoctrination of children. To be blunt, I don’t care much for what hypocrites have to say.