Does this even make sense?

From here:

Child molestation, exploitation, and exposing kids to porn is illegal. Showing kids graphic sex, whether it’s straight or gay, in the classroom or their school library is against the law. It’s child abuse. Period. The classroom and the school library is no place for porn, hard or “soft”. If a school library allows a gay publication showing two boys engaging in sex acts, that is porn. It’s child abuse and educational institutions often aid in the abuse. They’re predatory pedophiles.

He is conflating porn with “any sex act shown”. Is that even right?

The link also uses this as a reference for how to identify “groomers”. Does it make sense? Or is it too broad?

Leftie Creeps Teach Porn, Sexualize Kids in the Classroom, and Push ‘Gender Affirming’ Mutilation of Kids

This article is just far-right wing garbage. I wouldn’t give it the time of day.