Encourage the government to keep Obscenity Law unenforced?

As I’m sure most of you are aware, laws criminalizing art as well as adult “obscene” content have been very loosely enforced. In fact, I can’t find a case in the last 8 years. (if you have a recent source, please let me know).

The only law which makes sense is do not send obscene material to minors. But we want to keep obscene materials legal between adults.

How would a group of people go about make their voices heard that we don’t want the obscenity laws enforced? I do not want to see any prosecutions against people for simply downloading or sharing some drawings or 3d models between adults. I also don’t want consensual adult pornography regardless on how “offensive” it is to be criminalized.
I hold this view very strongly because of how unusually harsh the US justice system is when compared to countries in Europe, where heavy fines and suspended sentences are the norm.

Perhaps if I lived in Germany, I wouldn’t feel as angry about the call to enforce obscenity law even if I’d be against such a law, but that is because Germany is a nation (where 94% of convictions result in a severe fine or suspended sentence), and when they do send you to prison, it’s usually in time spans measured in months. Their justice system is based around reform. But in the US, 70% convictions result in automatic imprisonment, and average sentence on the federal level is 4.5 years (earliest release 85%), so the situation is much more serious here.

I genuinely do not want to see people’s lives being ruined, especially over victimless crimes like downloading and sharing fictional characters with other adults.

We have several NGOs advocating for authoritarian measures that entail enforcement against victimless crimes. It’s not irrational to have concern that at some point, the vagueness of the miller standard would be enforced! I want to take a stand against this.


The answer is simple man, just move. Move to a country that don’t have laws again obscenity art or import small real dollls(child like as government call them ¬¬).

No. Running away solves nothing. Once countries with strict censorship began to pressure/threat those without it by economic means or something else, it would be just matter of time of total destruction of human rights.

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Yeah, unless you are a registered sex offender as a result of a conviction related to drawings or other fictional types of “illegal art”, I don’t recommend moving away. I could sympathize with someone who flees to escape vigilantes who hate their art/art they consume, but if you aren’t in such a situation, than IMHO is not dire enough of a situation to move to another country. Keep in mind reintegration, learning the new language, customs, starting a new life can be quite stressful.

Unless you case is particularly serious, stay in the States and advocate for liberty.

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As the others said, running isn’t an option. Your problems follow you wherever you tend to go in life, so running away from something you know is wrong only makes you seem suspicious, and may make you wrought in anxiety. Instead, calmly observe the situation, bring to light as many viewpoints as necessary to clarify the situation, and choose a plan of attack from there. You may not succeed, but always remember this; It is better to strategize and act another day, rather than flee and let your mental state decay.

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Many countries will not let you in.