Encouraging suicide through legislation

It is appalling that whenever a law, that is explicitly targeted against people who are sexually attracted to children, is being discussed there has never - to my knowledge - been a consultation with the group they are trying to criminalize.

Democracy allows for everyone to voice their opinion and fight for their rights and when attacked - defend them. That is virtually impossible in the majority of the world for Pedophiles. Doing so would result in public suicide and/or death (e. g. Pedohunters). While legal bodies are still required to protect such individuals it is obvious that nobody would voice their opinion and reveal themselves if it meant throwing away your entire life. So they are dependant on others, those who can feel empathy regardless of the disgust they feel and to those who do not betray their democratic values for populism and a swift victory at the voting booth.

There is no mainstream organization that speaks out against laws that criminalize the existential rights of pedophilic humans. Projects like Priotab (Paedophilia at Risk – Investigations of Treatment and Biomarker) were barely argued against. Chemically castrating men for simply being born the way they are, without intending to do any harm, while the majority of CSA-Offenders do not even share their attraction. The fact that one of the studies main takeaways was:

“Some surveys confirm that therapy reduces sexual thoughts and fantasies”

Says how normal it has become to enforce physical and mental harm upon an undesired human being for merely having such thoughts and fantasies. Reducing them is seen as a success and confirmation to castrate these individuals. States who punish “being pedophilic” (whoever is diagnosed with the attraction is executed in Iran despite not having done anything) with a death sentence are not called out on it.

In the west, no other group of people would be offered this amazing deal for being born the way they are. I came here to write this article, because I got pissed off after watching a video about CLSD on YouTube. Someone in the comments (supposedly a doll vendor) talked about an encounter with a customer that asked for such dolls. He rejected his inquiry despite the desperation of this man and wanting to kill himself, because he has saved up one year to finally afford the doll. Some months pass by and vendor recognizes the same guy in a death announcement. This was when he realized how sad of an existence the guy must have had and he regretted his decision.

This is what happens on a much broader scale when a government tells you “no” through legislation. I call that death by legislation.


People need outlets. Outlets save lives and provide people with the resources to reconcile their interests with the fact that they cannot be actualized in a manner that involves an actual child.

If you have more info about this incident, please share it with myself and @elliot and we will look further into it.

Minor-attraction (pedophilia) itself isn’t a disorder, and it’s distinct from pedophilic disorder. These outlets form the groundwork for people to live safe, healthy, and even offense-free lives.


Jesus H., that’s upsetting. Damn…

Pedophiles are people, too. There is nothing wrong with being merely ATTRACTED to children. Pedophilic disorder means the person feels horrific distress as a result of their attraction and becomes a threat to themselves or others. This man was suffering from a mental illness and was rejected a treatment doll. And then he died and now it’s too late to save this man.

Pedophilic disorder is a mental illness. To be aware of mental health means to acknowledge this basic fact. If you do not support pedophiles getting mental health support, you are an ableist anti-science fearmonger who does FAR more harm than good. I hope y’all are happy, driving those in need either into suicide or into a situation where they’ll feel more tempted to offend. Y’all are really saving the day, you fucking imbeciles…

Pardon my French, but I’m pissed off about this, too! What a fucking shitshow.

Take solace that we have this forum to share our thoughts and feelings. I don’t want to assume, but it seems this man didn’t have such a support system…

Stay strong, everybody. :heart:


Banning dolls pushes people into a corner where they feel trapped. They have no way out but to offend. Rather than live out their fantasies with a doll, people hate them so much they’d rather see them dead. It’s so screwed up!


People need outlets to reconcile their interests with the reality that they cannot be acted on. People need to feel that they have complete safety and privacy for this.

Others would argue that the desires shouldn’t be had or cultivated at all, but that’s not how psychology works. People will have them and they need to engage with it, not repress it.

What’s so cynically evil about bans for dolls and fiction is that they’re not even about protecting children at that point, you’re targeting the psychology of a person you think would fit the profile of an offender without any form of due consideration as to whether it even affects them. It’s an attack against a person for being a person, not being a criminal who actually harmed someone.