Epstein Victim group supports ban on child like sex dolls

Maybe if you won’t listen to reason I will express it to you. These sex dolls reduce SOCIETY’s resistance against child sexual abuse. These dolls must be criminalized. There is no question about that. Listen to what victims want!

What victims want is understandably often guided by emotion. We should not be basing laws on emotions but instead on facts.


Did anyone get turned into a newt?

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I’m a victim of sexual abuse and I believe these dolls are valid means of curbing sexual exploitation and prevention. I also don’t support censorship and prohibition of undesirable or “evil” ideas out of fear. This sensationalism surrounding a controversial fact of life only serves to make it harder for victims of abuse to get help and those unfortunate enough to have a sexual interest in minors to seek help or better understand their condition. The paternalistic attitudes being parroted by you have a consistent track record of causing objective harm to all parties, rather than offending parties. This failure to differentiate one’s personal viewpoints and tastes from the broad and complex reality surrounding the subject matter only further disqualifies you from having an opinion in the first place.

Please take the time to browse the Prostasia Foundation’s mission, beliefs, logic, and scientific literature which their points are based. You may be surprised by what you find.


And we fully support them!

So that means murder should be legalized I guess. After all, it’s completely natural for other animals to kill each other.

Are you braindead? I’m seriously concerned now, since you can’t seem to fathom the difference between ethics and morality. Laws based on the prevention and punishment of real harms, such as murder, sexual assault, etc are justified by the consequences by which the actions follow. Murdering people is illegal not because killing people is “immoral”, it’s illegal because allowing the involuntary loss of life to be inconsequential is a demonstrable risk to society at large. This is justified by a very real danger and harm, unlike the fears and “moral harm” associated with these dolls.


Read the DSM-5. It carefully explains the difference between a pedophilia and pedophillic disorder. This distinction, along with a plethora of scientific research, formulates the bedrock of the Foundation and their positions and methodology for CSA prevention.

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In fiction, absolutely. After a busy day murdering and cannibalizing in video games, I like to relax in a nice warm mug of rape.