Ex-soldier caught with obscene child cartoon collection in Workington

Imagine being one of the first to offer your support by actually going to Ukraine and help them in the war and what do you get as a thanks? A criminal charge of three year community service + therapy and being put on the sexual offender registry for 5 years.

What a joke.

All involved cartoons, Carlisle Crown Court was told.

One of the first foreigners to volunteer for the war effort, Lee had uses his own military experience to help train other recruits to “Nato standard” and had taken part in operations. He was well-liked by his comrades.

And now his life is ruined.


Absolute waste of legal resources for nothing to gain. This poor man, a literal hero.

It’s sickening, the conflation of fiction and reality, motivated by bunk logic, disgust, and prejudice, arguably almost as the real-life acts of child sex abuse they’re claiming that they’re acting against.


the article says

Downloading indecent child images – all of them cartoons, including 12 which were the worst Category, A; 7 which were Category B; and 32 which were Category C.

these are definitely parts of the cartoons mentioned in the title of the article…

but what about these 2 offesnses mentioned in the article:

  • Possessing 317 extreme pornographic images, involving bestiality.
  • And possessing a prohibited image of a child.

Were these 2 offenses also involving cartoons? or were only the indecent image offenses involving drawings?

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A prohibited image refers to fiction. UK differentiates it using that dumb language.

This offence is targeted at non-photographic images; this includes computer-generated images (CGI’s), cartoons, manga images and drawings.


The rest is beastiality and hardcore porn which is illegal under obscenity. However, BDSM was ruled legal in 2020 or so. So maybe pee porn? Can be anything.