Explain this org

On twitter, they say you are a front for pedophiles. But after going through your site, it doesnt seem that bad. Explain to me your org.

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Tweeter are often mistaken on many things.

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I’ll leave this to @terminus to give you an proper explanation.

You should also read through the we site if you haven’t already About - Prostasia Foundation

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I can sort of explain it, though I’m just an active community member and supporter. It would be best if @terminus explained it better, since he is the head man in charge!

The Prostasia Foundation (PF) is a research and evidence-based child protection organization, with an emphasis on protection by way of child sexual abuse (CSA) prevention.

People on Twitter call PF evil or a ‘pro-pedophilia’ organization because it, and its supporters, don’t fall for the anti-pedo hysteria that leaves a lot of non-offenders in an awful predicament, where they are unable to express or truly understand their feelings without severe penalties. We see this as a human rights violation because it places thoughts, feelings, or ideas on the same level as actions, when those thoughts can be harmlessly expressed without the risk of harming a child.
Prostasia is pro-fiction, meaning they and their community (we) believe that anything involving the actual, real-life sexual exploitation and abuse of children should be limited to material or actions that fit that criteria. This, of course, means that we’re against laws or campaigns aimed at censoring or banning works of pornographic pedophilic fiction and child sex dolls, which is where the brunt of the backlash from people on Twitter comes from. They can’t tell the difference between a harmless cartoon and an actual child, and we’re here to ensure that the difference is made apparent and is maintained.

We only maintain this position because the scientific evidence repeatedly and consistently fails to show an affirmative link between fictional stories or pornographic artwork, anatomically correct sex toys, and actual, real-world child exploitation or abuse.

If you wanna know more, feel free to ask around.


Hi, Prostasia’s program director and social media manager here - The first thing I would explain is that Twitter is not a great source for factual information unless you’re getting it from the source. It is, rather, a social media platform. Trusting Twitter is like trusting Wikipedia. It’s a toss up if the info you’re getting is at all accurate.

All that said, I’m glad you came here to ask instead of just believing random people on Twitter.

You say you’ve been through our website, fantastic! I would steer you in the direction of our “About” page. I would also, maybe, check out our “get-help” page which will show you the sort of resources we offer and support. This will give you a good idea of who we partner with and why.

I don’t actually know what you mean by “a front for pedophiles” but one of our goals is to help minor attracted persons to remain non-offending while recognizing that minor attraction is not, as far as science can currently tell us, is not chosen and is not changeable. We believe strongly in the need to research possible harm reduction tools, such as dolls, drawings, fiction and we have helped to fund such research. With community, education, and support, MAPs need not ever offend and no one is ever doomed to offend.

Generally speaking, when people call us things like that, they are simply using the word “pedophile” as a weapon because they don’t agree with our approach and that is the worst word they can think of. It’s really unfortunate, because it is mostly marginalized/BIPOC/queer communities that end up being hurt the most by this practice. The term “pedophile” becomes attached to anything that is non-mainstream.

We aren’t a front for anything, we’ve been very transparent and we are happy to explain our positions.

As far as “Explain to me your org” well, we’re an evidence based, expert led child sexual abuse prevention organization with a focus on human rights. Unlike most child protection orgs, we recognize the need for intersectional teamwork in ending CSA. There are many and diverse stakeholders who can help with this problem and Prostasia aims to help bring them together for a holistic approach to child protection.

That’s an overview. Please feel free to ask follow up questions if you would like anything in particular clarified.


Well, I’m just a frequent visitor of this forum and I don’t speak on behalf of this organization. But from my observations I can say that, in short, Prostasia is a child protection organization that takes a different approach to protect them. The vast majority of other associations assumes that pornography is harmful to children and that stigmatizing pedophiles helps to keep children safe. Prostasia has the opposite assumption, since the few scientific studies that exist today about this generally point to this opposite scenario. So a large part of Prostasia resources goes to scientific research, to definitively prove whether that assumption is right or wrong, and then to help educate others about these results. Thus, Prostasia has this “pro-pornography” and “anti-stigmatization of pedophiles” policy. And because of this view Prostasia suffers from constant attacks by radical groups of anti-pedophiles who accuse it of being a “pro-pedophile organization”. But being "anti-stigmatization of pedophile " is VERY different from being a “pro-pedophile organization”. But It seems that some people have a hard time understanding this.

Anyway I ask the oficial members to correct me if I got anything wrong about it.