Facebook admits encryption will harm efforts to prevent child exploitation

Facebook’s plans to implement end-to-end encryption on all its messaging products will lead to continued exploitation of some of the British children it would otherwise help to safeguard, the company has admitted to a House of Commons committee.

The firm operates a number of programmes to find and prevent child exploitation on its platforms, from scanning private messages to acting on referrals from law enforcement and other social media sites. Between them, according to evidence submitted to the home affairs committee, these programmes report around 3,000 at-risk children to the British National Crime Agency each year.

Plans to switch on end-to-end encryption for all private messaging will reduce the number of cases that Facebook is able to uncover, Monika Bickert, the firm’s head of global policy management, told the committee on Wednesday.

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Except it won’t?? What the hell!

A solution to the end-to-end encryption debacle would be to implement informative graphics and other measures to inform users on how to identify and report CSAM and other exploitation. E2E is NOT a problem!


The so-called “end-to-end encryption” is important to keep the illusion of privacy alive. If Big Tech wants to remove such videos/images, they would do it. They successfully censored millions of people worldwide, banned politics, censored conservative views (and will continue to do it), they use shadowbans, ghostbans, they can change the algorithms to show leftists as saviors, and conservatives as terrorists, etc… So, if they really want to do it, they will do it. They have the ability to do whatever they want, no matter what.

If the number of visits will be higher if there is CP, they won’t remove it. They will simply say empty words in their “Guidlines” page.

Removing CP is not financially good for them. What is the purpose of removing CP on mainstream social media, if people will just go to other shady sites, or even the deep web? At the end, the billionaires will lose money.

Child abuse is a very bad things that should be stopped, according to my opinion. However, no one is making serious efforts about stopping child abuse. Stopping child abyse takes time and efforts, and if you expect that billionaire Mark (or any other billionaire) is interested in helping children, but not in earning money, then i don’t know what to say.

Child abuse should be stopped, but how can you stop it in a world where money is ruling?

Anyway, i wish good luck for all people who are really trying to stop the abuse of children, not only pretending to want to stop child abuse.

You sure as heck aren’t, considering it’s obvious from your other posts that you support adults sexualizing kids.

No, i don’t. Stop trying to make me to look bad. Im just activist for protectng the human rights of a group of people. I don’t support NON-consensual sex. I don’t support rape.

Do you at least understand that minors cannot consent to sex with adults?

Anything is fine when confined to fiction, though. You can’t apply standards like that to fiction because it’s not real, and doing so is a bad-faith attempt to downplay the “fantastical” element of fiction, as well as blur the line between reality and fiction in order to instill a virtue. Doing so inherently harms the rights of artists, authors, and audiences in their ability to create and indulge.
Anything, and I mean ANYTHING is fine in fiction.


Minors can’t consent, but you think they can, so your statement is meaningless baloney.

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Fictional images are not real people. They dont have consciousness and personality. There is no evidence that fictional images, such as child sex dolls, can lead to increased violence.

Minors can consent to sex with other minors, just not adults.
Please do not take this as an endorsement of “if the kid consents” or anything regarding sexting or CSAM, because it isn’t.
Laws prohibiting minors from buying condoms were struck down because they placed an undue burden on their right to safe sexual practices, which are governed by the right to privacy guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

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Thanks for explaining this to him. It seems he can’t understand the truth that minors can consent to other minors, so he prefers to think that minors can’t consent to other minors. He probably believes that children are sex-less devine creatures, sent to god, and this is the reason they should never have sex with each other. He probably thinks that sex is evil, bad, dirty thing that will send evryone to the hell.

Here you can see leaked photo of him as a child.


Nope. I’m not remotely religious. You’re just a completely delusional troll. Your arguments are the same ones that child r-pists use (“children aren’t innocent”; “children are sexual beings”).

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Child rapists dont use such arguments. Child rapists don’t think who is innocent and who is not innocent. I told you that rape is about harming people and gaining power over them. When the rapist makes rape, he/she dont think about such things, but about harming people.

You said that all children are innocent, as if children don’t know evil, and never do bad things.

Not all children are innocent. Some children are innocent, other not.
Not all adults are innocent. Some adults are innocent, other not.

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Yeah, it would harm efforts to prevent child exploitation, but do you really want weird people digging through all your flirts and legal sexts. It’s a tough balance to strike. And while people on here put a big emphasis on child pornography, there are far more serious problems for them to tackle, like grooming and extortion.

You might be able to partially tackle this with education. How even do you stop someone extorting someone else? Even “primary prevention” ideas would fall short, because this just sounds like someone who is a jerk. What do you do about a jerk? You could rely on people to report them? Empathy classes in schools?

Something of a follow up to the “ALL ENCRYPTION IS EVIL AND NEEDS TO FUCKING DIE!” mentality.

This articl is not valid. It uses one isolated case to try to shift the public opinion. The article targets emotions, this becomes clear only by looking at the beginning of the article.

See what they say:

"Facebook has been accused of choosing to shield paedophiles for profit by ignoring police warnings that its plans to toughen encryption will make the platform a safe haven for abusers."

This is not true - this is fake news. The goal of encryption is protecting privacy of everyone, not just pedophiles.

The article has sensationalist title.
The article contains fake news.
The article doesnt show the author.
The article uses one isolated case to try to shift public opinions.

This article is nothing but attemp to discredit encryption.

One isolated case should not be used to restrict billions of people who use Facebook. Just because one user do something, it doesnt matter all other users do the same thing.

Who might be behind this article? My guess is that NCMEC is somehow messed with this article.

There are a lot of similar organizations that pretend to “save” people, but dont want to save people in the reality. Their ultimate goal is to spread stereotypocal images, fear mongerin narratives, so they can gain attention and donations.

All of these organizations use the same narratives, the same ideas, they have the same goals, they have the same ideology, they use fake stories of fake survivors of abuse, so they can scare people to believe their narratives.

(No, Avri Sapir (aka Noa Sheidlower) wasnt abused, and i can prove that with undoubtful proofs. All stories that are used against social media platforms and porn sites, are fake and i can prove that with undoubtful proofs.)

All these organizations support each other, use the same fear-mongering narratives, exaggerated claims, and false claims. They support pro-censorship laws. They say that sex work, porn, and human trafficking are the same thing. If you visit their sites, you will see stereotypical images of only women that are being “traffickied”. These organizations have no idea what human trafficking is, and this is why they use stereotypical figures. According to them, males don’t exist, only “females” “girls”. Even the so-called “united nations”, that have nothing to do with “nations” and “united”, uses posters and campaign that mention only girls and females. They never mentioned males.

Im smart nough to know that when i see an article about violence against women or human trafficking, i must ignore the article, because the article doesnt contain any meaningful information, but only stereotypes, fear-mongering narratives, exaggerated claims and numbers, and uses one isolated case to try to change the public opinion.

The reason why less and less people feel empathy to the so-called “survivors” of the so-called “human trafficking” or the so-called “Child Sexual Abuse”, is because more and more people realize that these things, called “abuse” and “human trafficking” do not actually exist… atleast not in the sense we are being told - blood-sucking politicians, adrenochrome, illuminati, extraterrestials that steal people, satanic rituals with child blood, pedophilic cults, canibalistic cults, gangsters that have Hollywood-like action adventure paying air-port directors to allow them to traffick guns, humans, and drugs, etc…

All these organizations are religiously motivated, they are part of the christian mafia that is consisted by far-right individuals, superstitions/ignorant primitives, xenophobes, homophobes, racists, while nationalists, white supermacists, religious fundamentalists, puritans, and more…

Just see their claims about Etsy selling incest and child abuse.

  1. https://twitter.com/CollectiveShout/status/1359077328035270656/photo/1
  2. https://twitter.com/CollectiveShout/status/1359432761400983555/photo/1
  3. https://twitter.com/CollectiveShout/status/1359431326898655239/photo/2

In their view, this is incest and child abuse. This is the same organization that is trying to make people hate pedophiles. This is the same organization that says that if a minor make nude photos consensually with his/her own will, this is still abuse. This is the same organization that sasy that if you comment a picture of a minor with the words “nice” or “sexy”, this is abuse. This is the same organization that says that putting cucumber-emoji, aubergine-emoji, and peach-emoji, are abuse.

In other worsd, this organization has no idea what pedophilia is. They say pedophilia exist, but they never provided any study to prove that pedophilia is real. I ask for genetic tests and MRI results, but people always refuse to show me the evidence.

These organizations are very harmful, but they have the right to use media to force their views, and to influence goverment’s decisions about laws regarding sex work and porn, because, somehow, over the years, they built reputation of saviors. This is why you see so many sensationalist titles of articles about human trafficking and child abuse, but when you open the article you see nothing.

They even make stereotypical articles: Beyond fantasy: How Etsy’s child-abuse and incest-themed products put girls at risk - Collective Shout

Okay, but what about boys? They say that “teen” porn leads to abuse of teen girls. Okay, but there is teen male porn (in the gay category). Why they never mentioned abuse of boys?

They think that consensual nudes are abuse, too: Instagram - Collective Shout

Such statements that are based on fake news, exaggerated claims, myths, and stereotypes, harm the sexual freedom of children. Comperhensive Sex Education must be widespread. People should know that consensual sex and consensual photos are not abuse.

A lot of thing influence the moral panic about child sex abuse, including the sex offender registry that will be abolished soon, according to statements of actual human rights organizations.

The thing is that they will lose, they already lost. The hysteria you hear now, is their last scream. These organizations are already supported by small groups that become even smaller every day…

It wont be too long from now until these organization stop existing. All they do, is to spread fake news, myths, and stereotypes, to influence moral panic, so people can be more likley to accept their harmful ideas.